Damien Walters Formula E Backflip In 360 Degrees

Damien Walters Formula E Backflip In 360 Degrees

Watch Damien Walters’ incredible Leap Of Faith backflip in 360 degrees, from multiple angles. Ride on board with stunt driver Alistair Whitton, as he pilots the Formula E car directly at Damien at 100 kph. Blink and you’ll miss Damien passing over the top of the car…

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20 Responses

  1. azonicrider32 says:

    Wow.. driver closed his eyes too!

  2. Pvt. Slim Gaming says:

    360° cams are cool, but the video quality isn’t there yet

  3. ElCampion777 says:

    so dope! new reality!!)

  4. NikosT T says:

    Лайк, кто с Лентача

  5. Алексей Днищевский says:

    мог и калекой остаться

  6. Drunken Hobo says:

    This looked about as real as the Moon landings.

  7. KinDzaDza123123 says:

    What for?

  8. Jack Daniels says:

    Man, that guy must have nerves of steel to attempt something like that!

  9. Steven Jones says:

    From a photographers point of view I think this would look great from an
    elevated 3 quarter angle, but no, it’s only shown from the angles that are
    easy to fake.
    Nice publicity stunt guys.

  10. Smiley Face says:

    who else thinks it would of been better if he got killed by the car. that
    would show these dumbasses to stop doing stupid shit and stop wasting
    precious taxpayer money on these lowlifes

  11. sif piff says:

    Holy shit is this the matrix

  12. VicRules666 says:

    Too bad it didn’t explode his legs.

  13. AdriansVibes says:

    So every time I see a 360 video like this, I thought you can swipe your
    screen to turn around. I just realized if you turn your tablet or phone
    around, it actually turn for you. Lol. I didn’t realize that till now.

  14. Nick Duke says:

    and can someone explain:
    WHY THIS???
    What is the purpose of this?

  15. ghoohg551 says:

    Turn the camera around, watch the crowd react when he makes the jump.

  16. Sweb says:


  17. ShortyXC says:

    So easily staged

  18. Boy Presto says:

    Why does this feel like a video game?

  19. muffinluveruuu says:

    I hope this is the most bored I get all day today.

  20. Jeff Kelly says:

    No points awarded. He didn’t stick the landing.