Dana Carvey Shows Off His Trump & Bernie Impressions – CONAN on TBS

Dana Carvey Shows Off His Trump & Bernie Impressions – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Dana does a rundown of 2016 politics, including a post-apocalyptic Trump, Bernie at Disneyland, & Hillary getting fed lines from Bill.

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20 Responses

  1. Tyler Henshaw says:

    I love how this show is not biased and they make fun of both candidates. <3

  2. Let´s Play Games of History says:

    His Hillary was spot on, even the voice sounded like her

  3. shinigamiryuk says:

    master of disguise 2 when

  4. allymitch85 says:

    Dana is a legend

  5. Jim DarkMagic says:

    Totally lost it at Bernie.

  6. Christian Kahn says:

    That is the worst Trump impression I have ever heard

  7. PrAnKxTaTV says:

    lmao at his trump impersonation

  8. wsdf says:

    “We need a new person to make fun of Trump tonight!”
    “Damn, we’ve pretty much run out of people at this point. Uh…… Dana
    “The Masters of Disguise guy?”

    Really scraping the bottom of the barrel Conan lol

  9. Evan Michael Hardin says:

    Where the hell has this guy been, he’s a riot!

  10. Ricky T says:


  11. jajceboy says:

    Conan’s little jacket thing made the whole clip

  12. lovethyneighbor as thyself says:

    check out the video Playing the Trump Card

  13. ODdm3 says:

    He got trump’s personality down but his impression and voice is waaaay

  14. EHW2 says:

    Sticks and stones may break our bones, but this wont make trump less
    appealing than clinton.

  15. Charlie Kelly says:

    Dana sounds like Sam Rockwell

  16. Christopher Bailey says:

    that trump impression is awful but that Bernie is awesome

  17. Karen Victor says:


  18. WorthlessDeadEnd says:

    We will do the things that we do until we don’t do them!

  19. DrZaious says:

    Dana is still the master.

  20. Nathan Mester says:

    Conan stop that laugh