Dana White recaps Israel Adesanya’s win, Zhang Weili vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk | UFC 248 | ESPN MMA

Dana White recaps Israel Adesanya’s win, Zhang Weili vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk | UFC 248 | ESPN MMA

UFC president Dana White speaks with ESPN MMA’s Brett Okamoto to recap all things UFC 248, including Israel Adesanya’s win over Yoel Romero, the instant classic strawweight title fight between Zhang Weili and Joanna Jedrzejczyk as well as Sean O’Malley’s impressive win in return.

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68 Responses

  1. NoahTre says:

    I’m surprised John Morgan didn’t get the first question.

  2. White Xmas says:

    Brett “I’m gonna say Izzy’s name right even if nobody else will” Okamoto.

    • Steven Ryan says:

      Rhythmist nobodies really saying the decision was that bad, they are pissed off that Israel bigger up the fight and said I’m gonna demolish this guy and then didn’t engage at all, he wants to be star he has to take risks just like McGregor always has, Conor pushes you forward even if you dangerous and then counters on the backdoor, it seems adesanya wasn’t prepared to force the action or didn’t have the skills to do it

    • john striker says:

      @That time when McGregor hackysack kicked Buchinger
      And what knowledge you have rather than shiting in comment section. Adesanya is more knowledgeable than you too.

    • That time when McGregor hackysack kicked Buchinger says:

      @john striker in mma, sure. However, i have almost as many years boxing and coaching boxing as that man has been alive.

    • vito corleone says:

      Ariel is having an orgasm every time he hears that

    • Geo Clips says:

      llllkl look im kmkk
      im op po po but ll lying out ll

  3. Joel Ramirez says:

    Yoel romero was never my friend.. att. Dana.

  4. Anthony Khallouf says:

    “My forehead was a balloon” – Joanna Jedrzejczyk

  5. Ahmed Artist says:

    The girls fought harder tonight

    • ChrisMcloviification says:

      They did however in fairness there like 115 pounds (8stone) so it easier to throw bombs without worrying as much

    • RonaldV Carguy says:

      @John Flanagan thats a pretty stupid comment. Were not living in the 50s anymore eh?

    • Hamza Khan says:

      Well, the girls didn’t pack the power of yoels punch so Izzy had to make it safe. No reason for him to make it a brawl

    • Ry says:

      I’ve always been reluctant to respect women ufc fighters as much as men since they first came in. Tonight changed everything for me. I think it was mostly because I saw 2 beat up women after a 5 round war, while the 2 men in the main event were practically unscathed and displayed ZERO heart. So ya, count me in as a fan of women’s MMA now. I hope Israel and Yoel look at what Joanna and Weili did and feel ashamed for their pathetic performance.

    • Stinky Diaper says:

      Great observation lol

  6. jay ty. vaughn says:

    The womans fight was a war

  7. Aaron Barron says:

    Brett “Jumping Jack” Okamoto.

  8. falaflani says:

    still having gooesebumps after the Weilli v Joanna fight

  9. Uyi E says:

    I agree with Dana – Yoel should have brought the fight to Izzy. Yoel missed a golden opportunity, his loss!

    • Eco Geek says:

      @SALITIFY Romero was and is pathetic. And he proved it. Hype: ded.

    • Eco Geek says:

      @arief setiawan lol Romero didn’t even try – so what did Izzy HAVE to do? He took thte lazy win because Romero is trash. So would anyone. Romero threw it away. Get over it. Game over.

    • Eco Geek says:

      @4121Z0N4 casual located

    • Eco Geek says:

      @Franko Cobanov lol undefeated Izzy shows ‘fear’ waiting for old man to DO SOMETHING. Yeah right. Blame pathetic Romero

    • KeAnta says:

      @Callan Richardson dont bring Kelvin into this. He really did take it to Izzy and had he fought the same as he did before the middle of the fourth he could have won. I think his tank ran out but my point is he knew how to fight a longer striker and everyone calls him a wrestler TO THIS DAY lbs. Kelvin went to war with the best striker the UFC has ever seen but ran low on gas in the champ rounds. Everyone else got picked apart. Izzy and Eugene admitted they couldn’t quite figure out how Kelvin kept working his way into the pocket till they watched the tapes after the fight. What Yoel just did was pray for Izzy to get overzealous so he could have his way. Whats the art in that? At least Izzy creates openings instead of relying on chance. Even Silva did that with Wiedman the first time. Praying for a counter while Wiedman kept a tight guard. The difference is(compared to Yoel) Wiedman attacked with his wrestling. He actually commited to offence without relying on his opponents misfortune. Unlike Silva, who acted like Yoel, Izzy took a risks testing what he already knew. Theres not much you can do when your fighting someone that scared of getting countered

  10. Lizzy allen says:

    we had the most boring game in UFC history but also the most epic fight today.

    • Jordan Parker says:

      Boring…. yall ain’t real fans lmao izzy played that boi from the start

    • Jordan Parker says:

      @0 0 khabib I see a lil but he beats tf out mufukas sometimes

    • Cameron Porter says:

      @john striker how is there job not to entertain stoopid?they are prize fighters
      you think people are going to spend all this money to watch boring fights .Why do you think dana didn’t want askren in the ufc along with many other fighters

    • Cameron Porter says:

      @john striker where do you think the money comes from the sky .No from fans who pay money to be entertainer

    • Catastrophe Cruz says:

      0 0 you’re comparing this fight to Khabibs fights?? MMA isn’t for you bro

  11. ALPHA RED says:

    Yoel literally stood there the entire time trying to show off his salsa moves, and he thought he should have won for doing nothing? He wanted a punching bag in the octagon. He was waiting for one shot knockout and he lost his last chance at the championship. Bizarre!

  12. aaron miller says:

    Dana “we’ll see what happens” White

  13. Stephane Akial says:

    ZHANG weili bravo t es une grande championne grand respect t es une machine de guerre bravo championne 💪👍🙏

  14. Assyriankid Tv says:

    Those Ladies Stole The Show.!

  15. Sno sno says:

    the one time i pay to see a fight and i get this ty ladies you showed the men how to fight

    • bchansens says:

      give the boys’ money to the women! I streamed for free and still was not worth watching main event

  16. Aledjo hope says:

    Romero ” the statue of Buddah”

  17. Simon Masson says:

    Fight of the year. And then after the lamest fight of the year

  18. Justin Newman says:


  19. Ivan Ivanovitch Ivanovsky says:

    The ladies deserve at least triple the amount they’re getting for this fight.

    • Not Important says:

      i actually agree, and i generally don’t think highly of women…. these 2 were incredible and should get the men’s purse who, btw, should just forfeit their’s to the women (i mean israel/romero)

  20. Matias Asconeguy Raco says:

    0:24 yeah, lol. Next time you and your family will be on the streets.

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