DANGEROUS Jungle Spider!

DANGEROUS Jungle Spider!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote catches a giant Wandering Spider in the jungles of Costa Rica!

Known for belonging to the most dangerous family of spiders in the Americas, the Wandering Spider is equip with an extremely toxic venom! Seriously, one bite can send you right to the hospital. So in order to get this arachnid close to the cameras Coyote is going to need to use all of his wildlife handling skills in what is sure to be one risky encounter!

Get ready because this is one you’re never going to forget!

Hey Coyote Pack! Coyote and the crew are going ON TOUR in Australia and are super excited to finally meet members of the Coyote Pack in person!

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HUGE THANKS to Brian Kubicki for hosting the crew at this location! To visit his amazing amphibian reserve check out his website for details – http://bit.ly/crfrogs

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20 Responses

  1. rabica xaf says:

    I Love you Kyode

  2. lei cher mejia says:

    Hey olso write there is six eye sand spider???

  3. Martin Rodriguez says:

    Are wandering spiders known as banana spiders?

  4. Void VI says:

    This s the reason I’m never going to South America. If I see a spider In my damn boot ima have a god damn heart attack

  5. The Pink Beautifull Parrot!! says:

    Only thinking in your head haters HE IS THE ONLY YOUTUBER THAT NEVER CLICKBAIT (or did i spell it wrong)

  6. Verrel Nathaniel says:

    Is he working alone like only for his yt with his cameraman or does he work at natgeo or something

  7. Joe Unpingco says:

    Do more baby animal videos

  8. Lied Jäger says:

    I live in Costa Rica, I see this spiders all the time, and didn’t fear them, but now I do…. thanks Coyote!

  9. Tzaddiel says:

    Do a video on the poecilotheria metallica. It too has medically significant venom.. but it’s not fast… it literally teleports.

  10. x тғw says:

    There was a huge snake on the mountains by my house. And some old guy ran it over, and they put it in a trashbag. It had no teeth, and blood in its mouth. I picked it up, and carried it to the mountains. Me and my friends were tempted of finding that man and vandalizing his home.

  11. Adam Yahan says:

    if i got a dollar for everytime you guys say biological mine I’d be richer than bill gates

  12. FakeAbdulaziz says:

    no offense but, how many times u said “biological landmines” just starts to worry me. Just say organisms.

  13. Andreina Herrera says:

    I know it is so good

  14. Deandalapanda says:

    This is 1080p!!! We can see everything!!!! Wtf kind of question is that.

  15. Ramonus says:

    the only spider i like is the one that died under my boots

  16. Howling Burd19 says:

    The worst part about this spider is if you get bit and you happen to be a dude. So I guess this spider has a symptom in it’s venom that can give a guy a serious and painful um… erection! Yeah, I’m not kidding! This means it’s venom is really interesting to scientists because there’s something in it that triggers an erection. If people figure out what it is, then this would really help others with erectile dysfunction. Creepy stuff!

  17. Gummel says:

    I wouldn‘t sleep in that hut for 10 million $

  18. TheLakesideplaya says:

    smh i thought u were gunna let it bite you smh!!!

  19. Basile Van Negen says:

    i clicked and was like, NyOOOOOOooooow i’m out!

  20. Chloe Michael says:

    me: *deathly afraid of spiders* also me: *watches videos of disgustingly huge hairy spiders*

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