Daniel Kaluuya Hugged Oprah at the Golden Globes | The Graham Norton Show

Daniel Kaluuya Hugged Oprah at the Golden Globes | The Graham Norton Show

If you meet Oprah, make sure to hug her!
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35 Responses

  1. victor time says:

    Good video

  2. red drib says:

    lol you gotta inhale deeply. I love this dude

  3. Kris J says:

    I’m so glad Get Out is getting the credit it deserves!!

  4. TheMovieMyLife says:

    I love how relaxed Daniel is on that sofa. 🙂
    A great first time guest on Graham’s show.

  5. Jess M says:

    “it felt so good man” bro where do i get myself an oprah hug

  6. Nathan Pelayo says:

    Who’s the girl next to daniel?

  7. Hulk Smash says:

    Man I love this dude, he seems to be a great guy to hang around with.

  8. lone wonderer says:

    2:14 *I hugged her, I hugged her so tightly, she felt so good man* ?

  9. palss 115 says:

    Who remembers him from Black mirror?

  10. Michael Travis says:

    Who the heck is Craig David

  11. Thomas Quill says:

    “We just spoke about stuff, and it was nice…”

  12. S Z says:

    This man is so cool

  13. fetB says:

    1:30 for sec i thought Daniel took Alicia’s glass xd

  14. Ninaofthe90s says:

    Daniel is so relaxed! It feels like he’s been on the show many many times.

  15. TheoKabala89 says:

    It’s always nice when we have a Brit on the show.

  16. Denzel Washington says:

    Ma Nigga?

  17. HandyAndy says:

    Daniel along with John Boyega..making black brits look flawless..rock on brother!

  18. erkan yunis says:

    Never thought he would be this funny,he acts like my friends lol

  19. lo beho says:

    love it when someone on the couch is a brit and makes references that goes over the americans heads.

  20. SHaiLuVsTaCos says:

    “Oprah is just premium.” “Inhale deeply.” Well said Daniel ??? love this guy

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