Daniels PromPosal

Daniels PromPosal

Actual Promposal doesn’t start till 1:58
The order of the signs went “Alex. Will. You. Marry. LOL Jk. Go To. Prom. With Me.” And I had the question mark. To the r/cringe mods, we are both 18, and US adults

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20 Responses

  1. Brandon Dixon says:

    And he’s the jerk for making her cry. Stay strong bro!

  2. Alexzander Garcia says:

    Stopped by my street and didnt even say hello

  3. Ey O says:

    When you trying to make a cute video but it ends up with your girlfriend
    crying out of shame

  4. Perry W Moore says:

    Nicely done. She cried, but still, never lose the romance. 

  5. mxj2003 says:

    damn i wonder her dad will think when a shows up at their house to take her
    to prom.

  6. ruizhernandeztrustfi says:

    Boring… Men these days.

  7. Crazy girl in a Crazy world says:

    This is so effin’ sweet

  8. awdawdawdawdawd says:

    while they go to prom, ill watch some pron

  9. KumRuzvalt93 says:

    when women stopped being women and men stopped being men

  10. Katrine B. Harr Dybdahl says:

    No this is too painful to watch

  11. Cassa Nova says:

    Are they boy friend and girl friend?if so why would he ask her for prom?

  12. madnesshank01 says:

    Dunno what’s worse, the fact that she was completely honest and then cried
    over her honesty, or the fact the he’s trying not to cry over her blunt

  13. GB GB says:

    awww cute

  14. Jayesh Gaur says:

    You taught us the way to make her say yes. Cool.

    But you didn’t teach us how to get her in our car ! :|

  15. Bernadette MaryAnn Rostenkowski-Wolowitz says:

    She’s crying like she’s just seen her parents being killed in front of her.

  16. Kingdom of Nerdum says:

    That is great. She probably felt like complete shit, hence the tears but at
    least she said yes! :D

  17. BigSirZebras says:

    I see an apology blowjob in the near future.

  18. Casey Hart says:

    Look at the pro advertisement at 4:21.. PEPSI!!!

  19. Ll Lock says:

    Jimmy kimmel do ur thing or i am not gonna watch u no moe. Locks

  20. Samuel Loshark says:

    You’re 18?? You look like you’re in your mid-twenties and have facial
    hair…. Puberty must have taken a dramatic change in the next generation
    of high-schoolers..