Danny Trejo: 10 People Killed Over ‘American Me’, Edward James Olmos Had a Hit on Him (Part 5)

Danny Trejo: 10 People Killed Over ‘American Me’, Edward James Olmos Had a Hit on Him (Part 5)

Part 6: https://youtu.be/ODhJPcKYnww
Part 4: https://youtu.be/530JqT4Ck64
Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lz44B..
Danny Trejo spoke to VladTV about the controversy caused by American Me and the Mexican Mafia being disrespected by the film. Trejo explained that he saved director Edward James Olmos’ life after he claims that a price was put on his head over the movie, adding that Olmos wouldn’t speak with him over the controversy. To hear more, including speaking with the Mexican Mafia heads over the incident, hit the above clip.

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87 Responses

  1. Batman Pop's says:

    Danny Trejo is a movie OG Legend ????

  2. Borderjumpmusic says:

    “Would you rather be in trouble with Mexican Mafia or the Feds?” ….”Well, the feds have rules” ?

    • Armando Mendoza says:

      Dee the feds will only come after you while Mexican mafia will come for your whole family.. just look at 69 he about to get out soon from the feds.. with Mexican cartel he will get his head cutt of and they will send it pieces to your family

    • Phx6ixo2 says:

      dee _ yea but Mexican mafia will kill anyone close to you

    • Phx6ixo2 says:

      Alvin Melancon yea but while you leave they’ll kill your family that stays or anyone that’s affiliated with you

  3. Ken C says:

    Them last seconds hit home that’s why rappers always beef with their gang when they make it .The gang feel like you owe them.

    • Ken C says:

      +Rick Morty yep and they benefit off a having a famous rapper from thier hood because they get put on quicker off the rapper name .A grown ass man should not have to pay a nigga a dollar amount to rep a gang he is from . They ass need to rap too thats the benefit .chief keef prime example !

    • Botime242 i says:

      Reason why The bloods turned on 69..He benefited 100% from them then tried to drop them

    • redback Chief .. says:

      +JC JC shut the fuck up snow flake..how did Snoop Dogg snitch ..u fucking clowns kill me anyone can Walk away from the life u have countless killers in prison that turned their life over to god and never looked back on the streets..

    • redback Chief .. says:

      That’s just not gangs that’s niggaz in general..

    • Rick Morty says:

      +Ken C i think Chief Keef was a gang member before he was a rapper. With guys like Lil Wayne and 69 it’s the other way around. I could be wrong though.

  4. Alonzo Harris says:

    “When we were kids belonging felt good, but having respect, that even feels better.”

    • Andre Mathis says:

      classic shit!!!!

    • Dat Nigga says:

      I see death around the corner. Gotta stay high, will I survive in the city where the skinny niggaz die…

    • XOXO says:


    • Loadbread60 Rogers says:

      They respected off of fear so dont give me this bullshit. They put fear in your blood to respect. I like how gang culture say it all about respect no it’s about putting fear in other to respect them

    • YEAH im threatenin yea This Sincere says:

      Damien Lopez bitch he did spell it right…he misquoted… be correct yourself before ATTEMPTING to correct another ??dummy

  5. HationDreD Jr says:

    Grew up on danny in all my movies, im black pero he’s my tio

  6. alessio Passalacqua says:

    Before he saw American Me, Vlad dreamed of going to prison and being a shot caller like Capone E

  7. Street Wise says:

    “I don’t care if you’re a mangy dog, I’d rather have you for a friend than an enemy.” – That’s some real shit right there

    • Esteban Cruz says:

      +Gutz Man i’m saying

    • chris melendez says:

      +jerry chicks you sound dumb as hell…they have always been here you tit….America is a continent.If anyone doesn’t belong it’s narrow minded people who forget what makes America great.It is the diversity.Just like your ancestors whoever they are came here ,not for themselves but for the promise of a better life for their children.If you think it is easy to come over here,not know the language,get paid half as much as your effort.get treated like shit by people like you.Live 4 to a room because they know their priorities and how to make it work.There is a reason why this country in such a short period of time has contributed so much.The people who came here we’re outside the box thinkers.not satisfied or confined to “class”.They were adventurers too.It is in all of our DNA….it’s that simple

    • Esteban Cruz says:

      +jerry chicks dude its just like greencoats go to Méjico or other countries for cheap doctor procedures in usa u mightpay 100grand for heart transplant in other countries u gey charged a third of that

    • Esteban Cruz says:

      +Maria Maria2 yes maam your right

  8. El boogie says:

    You not dealing with theatrical mf..???

  9. 3268right says:

    its theatrical Well u not dealin with theatrical muthafuckas ?

  10. Uptown Bam says:

    They have certain actors you look at and say to yourself that they been thru shit. Danny, Ving Rhames, DeAndre Bonds for example

  11. Haas Squadda says:

    Since back when I saw desperado, I knew this dude wasn’t your ordinary actor.

  12. Ticonemah Elotl says:

    Danny ain’t with the theatrics ??

  13. John Johnson says:

    Vlad : American me madee scared of going to jail.

    Trejo: ehhhh

  14. Sergio Alcantar says:

    This is how you know he’s a real dude. Just hear him.

  15. Mic D says:

    Edward James had a hit on him. He paid off the Mexican Mafia to stop the hit after they killed one of the production managers

    • MaCs dRiVe LaCs says:

      +Gas & Diesel nope. Never heard that term anywhere in all of my life in SoCal anywhere. You are full of shit.

    • Lee Bartlett says:

      Gas & Diesel they kicked the shit out of the Aztec’s you say,Hernan Cortes and his conquistadores had guns and armour as well as smallpox and other diseases the Aztecs had no natural immunity from. They Aztecs weren’t conquered,they were massacred. The Spanish destroyed a vibrant and amazing culture!!

    • Cow Farts Cortez says:

      redback Chief .. They play a lot of soccer.

    • Jose Morales says:

      +PurpleYellowFan yes she did. she was on the way the airport. she was my babysitter

  16. gravitatingaway says:

    “Well the feds have rules”..??..enough said…RESPECT CERTAIN THINGS!!

  17. 19zach75 says:

    Danny Trejo is an OG. He doesn’t get the accolades or awards like other male Hollywood actors but, I gaurantee you that he’s recognized all over the world.
    #machete don’t text ???

  18. ELMST X6 says:

    Danny is a motherfucking G
    I say that
    With the up most respect ??✊????

  19. radcow says:

    Danny trejo has that the rare quality of being very friendly but has a don’t mess with me vibe you can see why he became a movie star very charismatic
    Respect from England Danny

    • da ra says:

      I live in an area with Alot of dudes just like Danny Trejo .. Mexican Americans are very funny, loyal, family first people .. but can also be a little crazy

  20. Naruto Fox says:

    “It’s all theatrical.”

    “Yeah, but you are not dealing with theatrical muthuf**kers.”


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