Dark Mode YOUR LIFE…

Dark Mode YOUR LIFE…

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Many websites, apps, and operating systems added dark modes in 2018. So is it now possible to enable dark mode on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Chrome – EVERYTHING? And why would you want to?

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77 Responses

  1. Bahadir0180 says:

    My file explorer has an dark mode

  2. Algirdas Butkus says:

    Linux has dark theme… ON ALMOST EVERY PROGRAM.

  3. 奴隷猫 says:

    Didn’t even need to mention Linux ?

  4. SUPERNIX says:

    i use windows 10 pro with dark mode & f.lux & dark reader in chrome ?

  5. chrissx Media says:

    windows explorer doesnt support dark mode? i enabled it a few months ago.

  6. Uday Singh Pathania says:

    Why don’t you guys ever talk about Linux os?

  7. The Purple Orange says:

    Pornhub all ready comes in dark mode

  8. INTENSE GUY says:

    Thanks I’ve entered the dark side

  9. Michael OLear says:

    I’ve been watching you since the GeForce 600 era.

    Wow you look old.

  10. Sad Engineer says:

    “Windows explorer do not support dark mode”…
    Me: “WHAT? I AM IN DARK MODE IN EXPLORER FOR HALF OF YEAR!.. Since update came out.”

  11. Greg Savacool says:

    I dark mode literally everything I can.

  12. Tejas Sohoni says:

    File explorer has got dark mode in newest update

  13. Reg3e says:

    When was this made? I’ve been using File Explorer with “Dark Mode” enabled for at least 1.5 months now… 😮

  14. Saturite says:

    Uh file explorer definitely has a dark mode

  15. Mashrur Ahmed Yafi says:

    Wait what? I have the *Dark Mode* in *Windows Explorer* since the past October. Is it a region wise feature or something?

  16. Rando42 says:

    Linus I have the October update with dark mode on the file explorer. It looks nice

  17. Kshitij S says:

    In my opinion, the best extension to make all websites turn into Dark Mode is an extension called “DARK NIGHT MODE”. It can be installed in desktop versions of Chrome and Firefox. It will automatically change all the websites to dark mode. It works on websites which doesn’t have dark mode as well by using a special algorithm.

    I developed this app after trying out ALL extensions available for chrome and firefox including Dark reader. At that time all of them were using color-invertion technique by while they simple change white to black and black to white. This color invertion has a lot of issues. For example, it will change a dark website into white. The algorithm in “Dark Night Mode” does NOT do this, instead it intelligently changes the theme of the site.

    And, it does this without any performance hit. Also, it is a FREE and OPENSOURCE app. As soon as it started getting popular, it’s chrome version started to get hit with 1000s of fake one-star ratings. And, suspiciously, few weeks later, Dark Reader app also copied a modified version of our algorithm. The difference is that in Dark Night Mode app, there is almost no lag while the Dark reader app creates lag while you browse the web.

    Now, Dark Night Mode app sits with about 30,000users in chrome store with a One-star rating and 20,000users in Firefox store with a near 5 star rating. I contacted Google several times asking them to remove the fake ratings with proof, but they didn’t do anything about it. Due to these one star fake ratings, even Linus didn’t try it during their research. SAD.

  18. Bruce Alrighty says:

    Windows has File Explorer Dark Mode and october update actually came out in like December.. how long ago was this shit recorded?

  19. Juliâ I МАSTURBÃТЕ WАTСН VIDЕ0 says:

    ?Just close your eyes lol?

  20. Juliâ I МАSTURBÃТЕ WАTСН VIDЕ0 says:


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