Data Proves Amazon Reviews with “Free or Discounted Disclaimer” are Extremely Biased

Data Proves Amazon Reviews with “Free or Discounted Disclaimer” are Extremely Biased – we’re currently being hugged to death. Site is very slow to respond and we’re working on optimizing our technology to support the massive wave of traffic we’re getting.

After analyzing over 18 million reviews, our data continues to support our claims that the reviews with an incentive disclaimer (eg. “I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review”) are much more likely to be positive than reviewers who did not receive a discount.

Here’s our original blog post:

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20 Responses

  1. crzy1gs says:

    I hate these kind of ‘reviews’ on Amazon. Seems they are suddenly
    everywhere. Some items I’ve looked at recently had about 15+ ‘incentivised’
    reviews out of a total of 20 or so. Crazy. One of the reasons I like Amazon
    is the customer review. I really hope they find a way to cut this crap out!

  2. Rellix says:

    Interesting stuff. I like it. 5/5. I watched this video for free in
    exchange for my opinion.

  3. LosEagle says:

    Oh the irony when I look into the comment section of a video with thousands
    of views and there is only 20 comments and all of them happen to be

  4. okrajoe says:

    Free stuff always sways people.

  5. resh samech says:

    Wow, slow it town buddy. It’s moving so fast, and you’re talking so fast
    there is no time to process the information.

  6. Red Nomster says:

    3:01 Bottom left of the graph is <=3, sounds like my kind of rating

  7. DJZephyr says:

    I’d love to see someone do this for app stores like Google Play.

  8. Live Till I Die says:

    Honestly this is huge.

  9. Aroto ♪ says:

    tell your audio guy you need a bit of de-esser

  10. Joshua Walters says:

    The bias could me psychological. Meaning that if the reviewers are getting
    paid that makes their mood tward the product more positive.

  11. MrGreenCheddar says:

    How do I become a Incentivized reviewer?

    Send me free shit please :)

  12. Justin Rofeh says:

    There are some biasing causes I can think of that they don’t mention in the
    video, none of which are intentional on the reviewer’s part:
    1. For these incentivized reviews, you don’t get paid until you prove that
    you wrote a review. This incentivizes you to review an item as quickly as
    possible — before you notice problems with it or before it breaks due to
    poor quality.
    2. When incentivized, practically everyone writes a review. On the other
    hand, non-incentivized reviewers are probably most likely to review items
    they are unhappy with. This means that by getting everyone to review,
    ratings are biased upwards.
    3. People who receive incentivized items might not have otherwise bought
    the item, and they could be less likely to have a specific need for the
    item. They might be less critical of the item because they will use it less
    and they don’t exactly know what they want from it in the first place.
    These points suggest that incentivized reviews are inherently biased.

  13. Fuller Meltington says:

    Watching this at half speed fast becomes a drunk guy helping you with
    amazon reviews.

  14. vaultboy8510 says:

    reddit is about to make this viral.

  15. Silenthawk98 says:

    You’re a complete cunt if you write 5 star reviews for free shit. Period.

  16. Hal K says:

    Unbox therapy and such review channels get free products and they advertise
    them as great when its garbage.

  17. Tom From Scranton says:

    I watched this video for free in exchange for an honest review.

  18. Deterministic Philosophy Student says:

    good lord this video was well-made

  19. SpaceFlye says:

    Watching this at half speed is hilarious. xD

  20. Bite Size Psych says:

    Does anyone know what program is used to create these animations?