Date Meal [pasta] – You Suck at Cooking (episode 66)

Date Meal [pasta] – You Suck at Cooking (episode 66)

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Red pepper
Chili flakes
Olive oil
Asiago or parmesan

Do the stuff to those things.

Mixed greens
Olive oil
Go ahead and throws some sunflower seeds and dried cranberries on there if you want too.

I forgot to write this head of time so now I’m doing it very last minute which is why these instruction suck.

Thanks for understanding! You’re a good person.

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20 Responses

  1. GiouliniT says:

    She left…and i am sure that with that tattoo on ur leg it’s not gonna happen with anyone from now on….you are safe for life!!

  2. Ander Stuhl says:

    You are the best YouTube content right now, glad i found you

  3. RootedHat says:

    4:15 I see a motorcycle helmet!! Do you ride a Harley?

  4. David Mega-Truong says:

    #7 on treading? Followers smh, real ogs been following you since the egg murders

  5. aLTis94 says:


  6. Xkavar Smith says:

    Binging With Babish if he suffered from depression.

  7. Captainbob says:

    Holy shit. What is the music from 2:13 from? Its driving me crazy

  8. Ariana Omnomnom says:

    I’m actually ugly crying. How dare she do that. This made me more emotional than titanic.

  9. Kralko Velky says:

    Man this is great… How did I find out about this channel so late ?

  10. Scott WhiteBread says:

    fuck I cry now. this isn’t meme its my life.

  11. chuunibyo says:

    I was really hoping that the mannequin would put their hand towards the door knob but stop and look back and give you a chance.

  12. The Cosmic Herbologist says:

    I’m high on Adderall and weed and I just made enough of this pasta for 6 people thinking I would invite friends over for a pasta lunch party but now I think I’m just going to eat it all by myself right now.

  13. ODRIKAH KUN says:

    If my date gave me food that said “Ear syrup” on it, I think I would probably burst out into laughter and then just marry them on the spot

  14. Miser Integrity says:

    I spelt “I Want Sum Fuk” with green onions and next thing I knew I woke up seeing a letter saying the girl knocked me out and said she’ll never meet me again. lol best time of my life because I cooked saimin and her face was priceless.

  15. Tony Music says:

    I got fired from my job at the pasta factory…

    I made a fusilli mistakes

  16. Aficionado Avacado says:

    I’d never ditch you on a date, ppp man <3

  17. JadrianMc says:


  18. Taco Manning says:

    My cousin works for hello fresh go give them money so she can get a fat pay check

  19. Slothsong says:

    It’s ok, friend. I may suck at cooking, but we all suck at women.

  20. Andrew Heltski says:

    I need this guy to be my bestie!

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