Dave Chappelle’s Impressions Are Insanely Accurate | Netflix Is A Joke

Dave Chappelle’s Impressions Are Insanely Accurate | Netflix Is A Joke

Dave Chappelle tries out two impressions.

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96 Responses

  1. Arthur Morgan says:

    Man. I feel so blessed as a fan to have Dave coming out hot with special after special. Man is a fuckin legend, no one can make me laugh as hard

  2. Nae West says:

    I absolutely have to see him perform live. Him and also Eddie Murphy!

  3. G T says:

    Lol! Says whatever he wants ?

  4. Angel Rodriguez says:

    The way he casually drops a hard R lmao

  5. FoshoGotFlow says:

    Dang, why did y’all delete the other video? It was better than this one ???‍♂️

    • Matthew Alkman says:

      Dave Chappelle the Zionist sellout continuing the cry baby narrative of whites vs. everyone else. Fuck you Dave you’re not even close to the same Chapelle anymore. Sleepy sellout eyes.

    • Sunny DD says:

      FoshoGotFlow because they’re buncha pussies.

    • Mad Pierrot says:

      @Matthew Alkman At least there is one person here who is not completely ignorant. This is the sad truth bud.

    • CJ CJ says:

      @Mad Pierrot You’re the person he spoke about at the end lol

    • men with ven says:

      @Mad Pierrot dod you watch the special? Best special in 10 years because he called out all the PC bullshit. I didnt like the last 2 he made at all but this one was just one big FUCK YOU to PC culture and everyone should i ahree with him on that! Unless you’re liberal…

  6. Jackson Fromm says:

    His dorky white guy impression is unbeatable

  7. Robin H. says:

    I like the suit its like a garbage spaceman

  8. Rick Daniel says:

    First time this got uploaded, it was titled “Dave Chappelle’s impersonations and a totally logical and humorous take on an HBO Documentary.”

  9. catdog says:

    Awww Netflix cracked under pressure huh? You didn’t have to delete the first video guys, you could have just disabled the comments lol. Anyone uncomfortable with his comedy can just click away??‍♀️

  10. Perisher101 says:

    Insults audience. Audience proceeds to laugh and cheer.

    • Marc Alcatraz says:

      you act like you’ve never seen the Bill Burr Philly show where he turns a bombing show into a roaring room of laughter by roasting the crowd

    • Sean Small says:

      but its the truth though and whoever is mad is not mad because he is wrong, but because you just don’t like what he says but you can’t say its wrong because that has happened to several comediennes and entertainers now for stuff that happened years ago and when people make the mistake of apologizing for those historical acts, judgmental weak minded snowflakes double down on decrying them so why should comediennes give a rat’s ass about their critics if what they do is never good enough. If its true and its funny then have at it because that was always the point of comedy, its not their fault if you can’t understand that the world is not based on your moral outlook. Because more often than not your stance is immoral when reasoned out to its most logical conclusion.

    • J.A. M.F says:

      He’s black so he gets a pass, white comedians who have just as much clout are turned on by the crowd if they stray from the narrative

    • BLACKBONO LALA says:

      He spoke truthfully yet it was funny but very true

    • Steve Toth says:

      @VeLo RAAGE you must be too young to know Dave Chappelle more than just the past couple years. Idk how any adult could think Dave is all about the money and not comedy.

      Lol, yeh Dave is known for being such a sellout, doing anything under the sun people ask of him for millions. Instead of walking away like a true artist……… O wait….

  11. Chad Cuervo says:

    You all just proved his point

    • Errol Bogart says:

      @Sean McCormick Agreed, I was really disappointed in the writers. They were writing it as if she was still alive. Like if after suicide you can converse with those you left behind. It was heart breaking to watch having been bullied on adolescence. I completely agree with you. I think it was only a month ago YouTube pulled down Hannah’s suicide clip. The parents of the girl who killed herself were furiated by the lack of common sense the writers had.

    • Errol Bogart says:

      @CopyCat I didn’t watch it so I’m not sure if there were warnings. Where there? I did however get a glimpse into the aftermath. Very ignorant on the writer’s part. Very sad for the families who lost loved ones because of it.

    • CopyCat says:

      Errol Bogart Yes, at the beginning of every episode their were warnings that there would be graphic images and suicide and to turn the show off if you were sensitive to that sort of thing. Ppl didn’t listen to those warnings and then blamed the creator

    • Errol Bogart says:

      @CopyCat Understood, however, if your a teen. Which this show seemed to be geared towards teens and not adults. Are you really going to listen to a disclaimer warning? Really? I remember how badass I felt watching rated R movies and drinking underage. Also, when your in a suicidal mindset its more likely you will watch simply to identify. These producers knew exactly what they were doing. Although I highly doubt they wanted to be blamed for these children’s final push over the edge. Just like big tobacco caught me for life thus far. It’s also still fashionable to drink something you can clean wounds with. Go figure. I hear you though. It’s a gruesome, sad scene though. Imo the whole show should have been scrapped. That scene however was completely unnecessary and out of line. Heart breaking and horrifying.

    • Errol Bogart says:

      @HicksZ34 yea I agree to an extent. The whole gun debate alludes me. Chicken or the egg thing. Personally I just dont find murder amusing. To each his own though. I would like to find more fantasy games maybe if I play. Like the runescape one lol. As far as SSRIs, thanks for the info. I worked in pharmacy and I personally think it’s Big Pharma and screws people up worse. Thanks for input. I’ll def look into your argument. Xx

  12. Joseph Buffington II says:

    Dave: “Who’s that?”
    Audience: “Trump!!!!”
    Dave: “Thaaaat’s You!!!! That’s what the audience sounds like to me!!!!”

  13. MisterImpolite says:

    Entire set was brutal i loved it. Dave once again killed it.

    • awfulpwn says:

      Juan Pablo said nobody

    • Juan Pablo says:

      Don’t get me wrong he was ok…. but he has been allot better

    • Chris Hayes says:

      I’d say Dave fell off based on this clip if that’s a representation of his newer work. his older comedy was sooo much better.

    • kabinyo says:

      @Chris Hayes just watch it. how do you judge the stand up from one random out of context clip.

    • Jason says:

      @Juan Pablo I don’t disagree, this isn’t his best stand-up special… but in my opinion that’s more about how insanely good his early 2000s stuff was and not so much a knock on this one. Killin Them Softly is one of the best stand-up specials ever recorded… up there with the better works of Pryor and Carlin. But it is good to see that he has zero fucks to give… taking aim directly at this ridiculous outrage culture for a good chunk of the show.

  14. Respect bossman says:

    This man is the goat I’m currently watching his special and he’s not holding back at all. He’s pure genius

  15. Mohammad Abujassar says:

    Was ppl offended by the first video? Come on ppl who tf was offended by the legend????. Best comedian ever

    • Christian Royal says:

      If people are offended by him in todays age, that means he’s doing his job right.

    • J.A. M.F says:

      People were offended?? Yes are you living under a rock? A white kid smiling in a red hat makes people seeth with rage in 2019

  16. Thleamus Lofi says:

    Some people probably reported the second half of this video so they had to cut and re-upload

  17. A.m P.m says:

    Vice said I should “definitely skip” this Chapelle special, so guess that means I’m definitely about to watch this special.

  18. Chase Potter says:

    Love how they were all saying Trump and then he’s like “that’s YOU!” Lol

  19. John Doe says:

    I’m offended. Time to write a snarky tweet at a celebrity or compose a misleading reddit post.

  20. Kiss Kris says:

    So they had to take down the first upload to cut out the MJ HBO documentary jokes,smh, snow flakes.

    • Srilakshmi Elumalai says:

      Dave fucken chappelle had to say “I’m not supposed to say this” before saying he doesn’t believe in the documentary lmao

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