Dave Grohl and Animal Drum Battle – The Muppets

Dave Grohl and Animal Drum Battle – The Muppets

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20 Responses

  1. lkgrave says:

    I want to see Animal go against Chris Guanlao of The Silversun Pickups.

  2. PeterZeeke says:

    animal won

  3. Grace Clark says:


  4. Cool Beans says:

    Fuck it, he didn’t need those drums anyway.

  5. USFZeus says:

    Love Dave but Neil Peart is still the man!

  6. Granulated says:

    First footage I ever saw of Dave drumming made me think of Animal…..
    Finally !

  7. theInimitablePip says:

    FUCKING Awesome!

  8. Curtis A. Brown says:


  9. Mau Ferrusca says:


  10. Jimmathi says:

    That ended like every Nirvana concert.

  11. Len McLean says:

    ANIMAL Was Holding Back LOL, Awesome I need a good Laugh…

  12. zodiacbluesbaby says:

    Taxi for Dave Grohl.

  13. RhythmGrizz says:

    its times like these, it’s time for school again

  14. Rudal says:

    no matter who is it the Animal is still better drummer :D

  15. Fun Luxury Cabin in Big Bear Lake, CA says:

    Great bit, I laugh everytime

  16. Matts YooToobChannel says:

    WTF YT…stop recommending this garbage

  17. Raz Tilley Music says:

    Don’t you just love both of them? What a duo.

  18. JC RR says:

    That muppet sure can play the drums!!!! Animal is pretty good too.

  19. Tina Marie says:

    Dave Grohl.. is just great…but Animal is kicking butt..

  20. five5x says:

    Two of the greatest things put together.