David Benavidez Says He ‘Could Beat Canelo Alvarez Right Now’ After Win Over Ellis | SHOWTIME

David Benavidez Says He ‘Could Beat Canelo Alvarez Right Now’ After Win Over Ellis | SHOWTIME

In his post fight interview after stopping Ronald Ellis, young rising star David Benavidez discusses what is next for him, including eying big names like Jermall Charlo, Caleb Plant, and Canelo Alvarez. Plus, he gives himself a grade and talks about his performance against a tough Ellis.

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66 Responses

  1. Wynton Mohorn says:

    Caleb Plant is constantly running like the scared bit** he is.

    • G HUD says:

      @Steve James *Look it up, he said if Canelo gives up his belt or moves up in weight and don’t fight him, he’s ducking him.*

    • Steve James says:

      @G HUD I don’t think David has ever accused Canelo of ducking him. But it’s easy to answer, Canelo has worked with Dazn for awhile. So it makes sense his first fight at 168 was against a Dazn fighter. If David still had a belt, maybe he’d be more in the conversation.

    • Steve James says:

      @G HUD That’s not past tense, you’re saying he ducked him past tense.

    • G HUD says:

      @Steve James You said ” @G HUD I don’t think David has ever accused Canelo of ducking him. But it’s easy to answer, Canelo has worked with Dazn for awhile. So it makes sense his first fight at 168 was against a Dazn fighter. If David still had a belt, maybe he’d be more in the conversation.

      My reply *@Steve James Benavidez said when he had the title Canelo called out everyone but him, if you don’t believe Benavidez is saying Canelo ducked him, I can’t help you smh. Again when David HAD the belt Canelo clearly ducked him.*

      *Benavidez said @**1:08** in the video below speaking of Canelo, we were never in talks before when I had the WBC title.. he reached out to everyone other champion besides me. Then team Canelo makes a response video to Benavidez saying they never avoid anyone, so clearly team Canelo believes Benavidez was saying that Canelo was ducking/avoiding him.*


    • G HUD says:

      @Steve James *Benavidez did say it past tense when he HAD (past tense) the WBC title, and team Canelo responded to him saying Canelo doesn’t avoid which is duck anyone. What are you talking about? smh.*


  2. PJohnson says:

    Come on Charlo, get out the den and fight this man. 😤

    • Lil Squirt says:

      @Cull Obsidian charlo don’t want it

    • Lil Squirt says:

      @Von dee Gaming nah charlo dont want it

    • Von dee Gaming says:

      @Lil Squirt canelo in the same division ,duckin benavidez plant😂

    • Lil Squirt says:

      @Von dee Gaming thats your backbone excuse huh?😂 well let me tell you this canelo is not worried about anyone else right now untill he unifys and that means beating 2 undefeated champs thats why hes worried about no one else maybe you should get off canelos balls and stop tryna bring him down so much cuz you know your favorite fighters will loose to him😁

    • Von dee Gaming says:

      @Lil Squirt nelo wanted to unify, he would have did it at 160 with andrade. Im sorry but nelo isn’t who he appears to be bruh💀

  3. MarvelousMusic says:

    Charlo, Plant &/or Canelo. Somebody get in the ring with this man! 🥊

    • Diego Fonseca says:

      Hey y’all are mad at Canelo but remember this boy David is undisciplined he got stripped recently because he was too heavy on the scales. That’s why he didn’t fight Yildirim so he could have a crack at a title. Canelo would have potentially fought David for the title assuming David would have beat either Plant or Saunders. So be mad at David not Canelo. And yeah Charlo and Plant are scared duckers straight up.

    • Diego Fonseca says:

      @chris gullett Charlo ain’t a top guy that’s why he’s ducking David. Charlo is trash lol. Plant is a coward that’s why he’s ducking David. Saunders and Canelo are the ones who aren’t scared of David. And Andrade is overrated I’m sorry to burst your bubble but he is.

    • ML Rivera says:

      @Diego Fonseca You’re right charlo has been ducking top tier fighters all his life. If he moves up to super middleweight it’s because canelo is making all the noise in that division and everybody wants a shot at him. Canelo moving up to 168 is the best thing that could’ve happened to that division because for YEARS nobody fought anybody. They all want the big paycheck and are willing to sacrifice their insignificant records to face the p4p. Benavidez vs Charlo in September or I’m calling this division a joke.

    • henreyberry5 says:

      @Manuel Garcia Yeah…his defense could be better…but I bet you said the same thing about GGG defense….and Benavidez defense is better than his.

    • Manuel Garcia says:

      @henreyberry5 Yeah but his not Ready for Canelo bro

  4. M R says:

    plant is starring at the ceiling right now, no sleep tonight.

  5. Cool Aid says:

    If he gets hit like that by canelo he’s getting knocked out. His power is also questionable since he didn’t even daze the guy once. Great handspeed but he ain’t hitting those combos at a guy who actually moves his head and isn’t a punching bag.

  6. Sperci val says:

    Benividez has really good stamina, for all the power shots that he slings.

  7. Alejandro Chuela says:

    Boy said he’ll beat canelo 😂😂

  8. Eudoro Toscano says:

    Whenever he grows some balls lol.

  9. juancarlos belboder says:

    Benavidez is a beast..plus that big bear training camp got him focused

  10. Sam.E.A says:

    That’s how you make a statement, when you fight someone below you you put them away, you don’t go 12 rounds with them while hitting them with everything you have and not even finish them, learn plant.

    • Sam.E.A says:

      @duncan smeins hell yea canelo destroys him, but I do like the energy.

    • Jose Gomez says:

      Haney needs to learn also with his pillow fisted self.

    • Jose Gomez says:

      David knows he needs to knock Conello out to win because the judges are bought off already. He’s coming in for a knockout. I guess all you delusional fan boys didn’t notice David’s crisp jab and granite chin when he fights. The same problems Conello had with GGG his chin and jab. David is even bigger ! Styles make fights and both come to win. Let’s see who has the most heart.

    • Sam.E.A says:

      @Jose Gomez David’s chin has never been tested by any puncher ever, his biggest win is against a washed direll. And his torso is vulnerable to body shots which would be bad considering canelo’s talents there.

    • Sam.E.A says:

      @Jose Gomez also canelo has a granite chin as well.

  11. G TUCK7 says:

    David, The show was fantastic! I follow you brother, and you walk what you speak, it’s refreshing, and I love it! God Bless!

  12. Fuzzy Dunlop says:

    Love Benevidez’s style, super fast combinations loves letting his hands go.

  13. jayblades2011 says:

    If ellis had more power and more head movement he would’ve ko’d benavidez. Canelo has more power and head movement.

    • AVE - says:

      If benavidez had more power and quicker feet he would’ve ko’d Ellis earlier. That’s how dumb you sound

    • Avtobus 123 says:

      Bro that’s not how combat sports work lol

    • jayblades2011 says:

      @AVE – my comment is to hard for you to comprehend.

    • jayblades2011 says:

      This fight shows Canelo will be to much for DB. The fight with charlo would be more interesting. That’s if charlo don’t start ducking.

    • AVE - says:

      @jayblades2011 is it? I think it’s you that doesn’t comprehend styles make fights. Benavidez had no respect for Ellis’ offense he would have different game plan for Canelo. Don’t get me wrong tho I favor Canelo to win cuz benavidez still has to work on his footwork and defense

  14. kaseem abdullah says:

    Excellent interview. Great questions. Great order. I sont know the host name but he is good. Benevidez did Great as well. Clesr answers. Clear direction. He will pick up fans and interest.

  15. Luis Santana says:

    Oh god canelo gonna body snatch him I could literally see it lol please tell me it ain’t so?! I ain’t taking anything away from David because I know he’s a problem but canelo is just built differently

  16. Mohamadu Mustapha Ba says:

    Give this man some respect

  17. adrianzavala1183 says:

    The walls are closing in for the 168 division getting interesting

  18. Rico’s Kickzz says:

    if Canelo can jump up to 168, CHARLO can too. bum charlottes fighting with little boys

  19. Young Boy says:

    We can’t forget that this man is 24 and he will keep improving!

  20. Saul Loya says:

    You ain’t beating Canelo and that’s a fact my young brother! Stay in the gym and your time will come but this is not the time to cry wolf because Canelo will beat your ass

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