David Blaine – “David Blaine Live” & the Ice Pick Trick | The Daily Show

David Blaine – “David Blaine Live” & the Ice Pick Trick | The Daily Show

David Blaine chats about his childhood days as a budding magician and his show “David Blaine Live,” then treats Trevor to a demonstration of his infamous ice pick trick.

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60 Responses

  1. sandile msibi says:

    This guy is scary AF

  2. Grey_Wolf249 says:

    The first time I see a African American turn red

    • Fuck Americunts says:

      and i have seen many black people in my life they are very ethnically and racially diverse , from 6ft4 Bantu west African , to the 4ft11 Pygmy African , some even have Caucasoid facial features like Somalians , to the Hamitic Arab looking Egyptians & Libyans …. i could go on for days ,….

    • Fuck Americunts says:

      and Africans are very nice people , they are polite and well spoken and very hard working people , many with good Education … i hate the stereotype that Africans are somewhat ghetto people

    • osieta says:

      Aly, The term is still black, it never went away – black don’t crack, all those recent TV shows with black in the title, BET, other black people in the world. Not sure what you are saying.

      David Blaine getting all confused about what word to use just shows how anal and unsocialised American society has become to racial/ethnic integration. He should have taken his cue from the well-travelled and culturally mixed person in front of him, who proudly refers to himself as black – not African American – use of the word black. What it just says is he is too racially anal to the point it cripples sensible conversation, thank goodness he has the skill to distract people with “magic”.

      If your best friend is a naturalised American, good on him for deciding how he wants to be identified – it is his choice but doesn’t mean that the term is universally used to blacks outside America. Same with your Congolese friend who says he is African – his choice to identify with his heritage. Were they born there? Are they citizens?

      If we are going to be perfectly clear, human societies proudly associate themselves with their clan/tribe/language, origin and/or area of residence, so African American is an identity that works in America but not for any random African visitor on a visa. That someone needs to be told it IS NOT THE SAME, given that Africans are spread almost all round the world, but also have their own continent, is very myopic. Blacks in Britain or France will proudly call themselves black and British/French without having to be specific about being “African.”

      What we can, however,compare it to is the way Americans also identify to each other as Chinese/Irish/Italian-American etc. You can see where the insult would be if you went to China/Ireland/Italy and called them Chinese/Irish/Italian-American. Better still, I’m sure majority of Americans would strongly object to being called American-Canadian/Mexican just because they were visiting or working in those countries.

    • Bluespellmaster8 says:

      Grey_Wolf249 not american

    • Straight Black Girl says:

      You have never seen a light-skin black person before, not even on tv.

  3. Yanam Bage Heche says:

    Trevor’s reaction is ADORABLE!!!!!!

  4. ElricBro says:

    Nope nope hell no

  5. Phil says:

    By the way i started reading your book. It’s amazing.

    • GeeGee FromTheD says:

      Phil Trevor’s? His book is like highly recommended!!! Everyone needs to read it. I love it because it’s not the typical growing up with addicted parents and living on your own at 14… 10 thumbs up!!!

    • masterimbecile says:

      Do the audiobook version and hear Trevor pronounce all the Xhosa and Africaans phrases (especially when he does his mom)! It really makes the book so much better.

    • GeeGee FromTheD says:

      masterimbecile ooooo I didn’t do his on audio book… I only listened to Tiffany Haddish’s book on audio.. Did you download the audio book app for it? I listened to Tiffany’ s on Youtube..

    • masterimbecile says:

      GeeGee FromTheD Audible, my friend. There are literally hundreds of YouTubers with 1 month free trial codes. Plus it has free exchange if you don’t like your book.

    • Jacob Taylor says:

      Phil WAGGGS gcd etch

  6. Zwaks says:

    Was hoping he’d chop 2 people in half with a karate chop and swap their upper bodies around; then have them walk around for a bit.

  7. han g says:

    not one dislike on this i guess every one scared to get cursed by blaine lol

  8. Daryl Chapman says:

    I know its not real… BUT HOW THE HELL DOES HE DO THAT!!!!!!!

    • Enlightened Perry says:

      Daryl Chapman lol reality is stranger than fiction.

    • Antisjwbaby Baby says:

      Daryl Chapman some magic is real

    • BLaCkKsHeEp says:

      yeah some magic “tricks” are real. piercing through your hand like that? its real. he probably took morphine or soomething.

    • Enlightened Perry says:

      No dude, Why is it so hard to understand he simply slammed a nail through his hand no drugs needed. if you slammed nails through your hand for a living for over 20 years you wouldn’t need drugs, you wouldn’t need anything because its how you decided to make your living

  9. BenMoss85 says:

    Trevor totally cut him off before he was able to completely finish the trick. Blaine said “wait wait” as Trevor was going to commercial because Blaine was going to show everyone that there were no holes or marks on his hand after having the ice pick go all the way through.

    • Atir X says:

      BenMoss85 – Trevor was freaked out ! I would have been too. David knew he freaked him out too and was having fun with Trevor. 😵David is a phenomenal Illusionist !

    • Adriana Aguilar says:

      Trevor looked like he was gonna puke or smt, he was waaay too freak out

    • Bill Schenher says:

      this isn’t a trick, it’s a stunt. there is a hole, he really did put it through his had. he’s done this sort of thing before, and it’s real.

  10. Edwina Aryeetey says:

    Man, Trevor looks so traumatised at the end of the trick

  11. 6rockinrobin says:

    I thought Trevor was going to FAINT!

  12. Phil Lewis says:

    Trevor looked like he was going to be sick.

  13. Mister OLOT's vlogs - 974 says:

    ‘By the way I’ve started reading your book’…this came as the RKO…outta nowhere lol.

  14. Jamie Trammell says:

    Trevor’s face is pricless Lol

  15. Kim Jong Fun says:

    Is that a high tech prosthetic hand or something??

  16. l'Inconnue says:

    This guys goes behond tricks to surprise people. This is real as in it actually went through his hand He probably calculated and area or took morphine or I don’t know he’s crazy man

    • Samantha Abernathy says:

      Local anesthetic would work, like when u get stitches. Also, no blood can be calculated, ESP if you’ve dont this to yourself in the same place many times. Calluses would build up over time, and anyone whos seen “Now you see me” knows that most big time magicians run long game “tricks”.

    • Shan Hussain says:

      Remarkable showmanship though

    • Larry Lewinsohn says:

      l’Inconnue you have clearly never taken morphine…

    • The Humanity says:

      I’m pretty sure David Blaine is a vampire. It explains everything why there is no blood and why the wound seems to heal instantly afterwards

    • Michael Kevin says:

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  17. l'Inconnue says:

    “I am not choosing I am suggesting” 😂😂

  18. lazyperfectionist1 says:

    “Trevor, this is for you to _keep.”_
    Um… I’m thinking, “no.”

  19. Tilman Baumann says:

    I’m actually not convinced it’s a trick. And that bothers me.

  20. Reginald Harper says:

    *It’s real folks. Look up Mirin Dajo.* Even crazier things have been done, actually. Some of Blaine’s endurance artist stuff is real, e.g., holding his breath. He held the actual record for a while.

    • TruthSeeker says:

      Real magic is fake and fake magic is real. Notice when he pulls the device up with the alcohol swab?

    • Jesse Afolabi says:

      Im not sure if thats how he pulled it off

    • TruthSeeker says:

      Neither am I that is why I said “notice”., what I am sure of is that it is real magic, not the fake magic people think is real.

    • The Humanity says:

      Oh that trick is totally fucking real. He’s done some kind of procedure to his hands or something or trained his body in some way. It’s just like his water spitting/frog trick. He actually has a real frog in his stomach when he does it. I’ve seen him do that icepick “trick” in several different places though. He’s done it to his bicep before IN THE OTHER ARM.

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