David Cassidy seems to have fallen off the wagon — and almost off the stage — in what appears to be a drunken performance this weekend.

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We love Hollywood, we just have a funny way of showing it.

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19 Responses

  1. coffEKolor says:

    Being drunk on stage might be the least if his worries at this time…,,,he’s probably still mourning his TV mom…ya never know.

  2. Toxic Boy says:

    Giiiirl, we’ve all been there.

  3. Miguel Luna says:

    I miss the partridge family days….

  4. JG Harts says:

    This is what we have to look forward to when we get older, we’re screwed!

  5. LilVal says:

    Who goes to a David Cassidy concert? 1:06 was pretty funny though.

  6. Jeff Anderson says:

    Was there 10 feet from the stage. Horrible! Walked out halfway through.

  7. DeviantNicole says:

    Justin Bieber in 30 years….

  8. Santino Williams says:

    whatever his issue is whether its going bankrupt or Shirley Jones or just life in general he’s human and has his faults fears etc as everyone else, many will duplicate him when they get old hell you have people right now young and old who squeeze into spandex and are big as a house with cellulite striking a vogue pose thinking they look sexy and men and women try to hold on or recapture their lost youth when they get older some can depending on how they took care of themselves and some can’t for obvious reasons still they’re old but getting older isn’t the issue its the wisdom that’s suppose to be there that evades many but if he wants to dress a certain way for whatever reason God bless him considering some of the things some people do out here today his dressing young is nothing, people will look and try to find any and all reasons to talk about another person when in actuality no one can talk about anyone because none of us are perfect people in any way you just don’t see all the bones in the closet because no ones telling or out there to be viewed publicly because they’re not in the public eye like this but out of all these perfect people who know everything and who do feel worthy to talk why can’t man ( people) in all these decades still can’t live together in peace?, have conquered war, hate, racism, greed violence and corruption?, no people don’t know everything but good at stirring shit and making things worst along with talking about others to give themselves some self worth or whatever that’s about but I believe we need to stop tearing each other down and look for solutions for a better society and overall world.

  9. Eileen D says:

    So who’s the bitch 50 year old who turned this over to TMZ? She’s probably gross and bitter that he didn’t want her backstage.

  10. That Seventies Guy says:

    Pity his alcohol problems are a part of his life much like his late father.

  11. lftipton1963 says:

    Lord help him….praying for you David…you can pull out of this.

  12. autocrow says:

    That wasn’t that bad. I was expecting a lot worse from the title.

  13. thomascampr says:

    David Cassidy was so drunk he thought he was part of the band the monkeys

  14. Luke Bandy says:

    David Cassidy has always sucked. I can’t believe people in the 70s listened to his music when you had Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Queen.

  15. Kevin Garcia says:

    He’s an old retired Guy let him have fun

  16. Lyndsay McAllister says:

    They are all having breakdown’s because there witch craft isnt working anymore.

  17. MissTia777 says:

    Damn David Cassidy can still pack a house???

  18. Don't Get It Twisted says:

    The dude is properly flying high off of heroin. No big surprise.

  19. Nicholas Brewer says:

    dudde likes to have a good time.

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