David Dobrik Gets Slimed, Hugs Josh Peck, & Wins “Favorite Social Star” | 2019 Kids’ Choice Awards

David Dobrik Gets Slimed, Hugs Josh Peck, & Wins “Favorite Social Star” | 2019 Kids’ Choice Awards

David Dobrik gets slimed, hugs Josh Peck, AND wins his first Kids’ Choice Award blimp ever for “Favorite Social Star”! The social media comedic personality has nearly 12 million subscribers on YouTube! Catch more Kids’ Choice Awards on Nick!

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54 Responses

  1. Angel Rivas says:

    0:05 David Dorbor?

  2. Nickelodeon says:

    He was SO surprised! Who else thinks this was one of the best slimings of the night?! ?

  3. Disney channel YouTube says:

    Can’t believe my boy won?ahhh I’m so proud of him , I knew that he was gonna win, he’s famous

  4. ScarlettP says:

    David is like an adorable puppy, he’s too sweet

  5. Morghan Davies says:

    David Dober? I-

  6. ScarlettP says:

    David said that Josh is his hero, I just love their bromance

  7. Mackenzie Carlson says:

    I am CRYING. MY HEART IS SO HAPPY. this is so PURE

  8. Slurp_my _juice says:

    The parents have no idea what David dobrik does.if they did their kids would get in trouble

    • Sessy El says:

      Slurp_my _juice thats what im saying i dont think nick does either lol

    • logano 17 says:

      The same with the other nominees. Emma is not kid friendly and neither is Lilly. David definitely isn’t. Isn’t that what the Teen Choice Awards are for? Not the KIDS. If I was a kid and watched David & Emma, I’d be whooped

    • Tasha Crossing Paths says:

      YES AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jade K says:

    So we just going to ignore how she pronounced David’s name? Okay cool.

  10. Annabelle M says:

    Did she say David Dobirk???

    Oh honey no

  11. JustCallMeBo says:

    *David is literally living his childhood dreams. Winning a Kid’s Choice Award, given to him by his childhood hero Josh Peck, and getting slimed! He hit the trifecta!* ❤

  12. dhruv goel says:

    To be handed the award by josh himself , such a special feeling

  13. ashley jordan says:

    Pretty crazy Josh Peck presented the award to him. Life comes around full circle ? he so deserved that!!!!

    • Jay Em says:

      ashley jordan How is it crazy? He’s a close friend of David, and it’s not uncommon for people who know you to present the award.

  14. faith morse says:

    sabrina the teenage witch just said ‘david dobirk’-

    • Trapper Queen says:

      That’s who that is? Disappointing. I’m sad it wasn’t Melissa Joan Hart up there with Josh Peck then.

  15. Emily R says:

    he really went from “stealing josh peck’s kid’s choice award” to getting his own. what a glow up

  16. Bedet Lopez says:

    Congrats david. Waitin for the bit in your vlog where you react to your mispronounced surname. ???

  17. JeckerDoesVids says:

    That award was supposed to go to my man David Dobber, but then David Dobrik took his spotlight smh maybe next year pal

  18. The Life Of Hebah says:

    Josh should of said “HUG ME BROTHER!”

  19. Crystal Strol says:

    I love David but the dude ain’t kid friendly y’all seen his content??

  20. Gina Marie says:

    David and Josh be like “hug me brotha” ?
    I love how David is wearing his normal all black outfit but has his T-shirt tucked in lol.

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