David Dobrik Tells Us About His First Times

David Dobrik Tells Us About His First Times

David Dobrik stops by to talk about his firsts, from his earliest memory of the Vlog Squad, to the first prank he ever pulled, all the way to his very first (and extremely snotty) kiss.

Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/78674



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Jack Dytrych

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104 Responses

  1. ScarlettP says:

    David’s favorite color must be black ?

  2. Freya M says:

    Vogue needs to do 73 questions with David Dobrik

  3. Ms Centineo, Noah's Secret Wife says:

    The word on the bucket describes David so perfectly

  4. Yemi Abayomi says:

    Love this! I think he would be hilariously awkward in a thirst tweet segment lol

  5. ScarlettP says:

    I’m so glad that David is getting the attention he deserves, he’s so cute and funny, how can anyone not love him!

  6. Heaven says:

    all this david content is making me so happy honestly

  7. Mai Lam Cam says:

    Aww glad that david doesnt forget about jack

  8. Arshian Mallick says:

    *Who’s here before this video goes on trending list.*

  9. Libbie Rose says:

    i love how much attention he’s starting to get

    • Marge Miller says:

      2 vlogs a week is doing WONDERS for him

      P.S. I just hit 100 subs and I’m so thankful and happy!! if you want to check my channel out, pls do!! don’t forget to subscribe, thanks!!

  10. rhea malik says:

    David’s finally getting the attention he deserves

    • Cruzin says:

      because he has more time now that he’s uploading twice a week! nice to see him somewhere else other than his own youtube channel

  11. rhea malik says:

    There was a point in time that Zane and Heath made more money than David did…

  12. Terrell Sloan says:

    I like how this channel is called BuzzFeed CELEB. . did our boy David make it? ?

  13. *{Bambi}* says:

    11 million subs has done good things for David

  14. Asher’s Journal says:

    Why is David doing all these things? Netflix show?

  15. mais nashat says:

    when Zane and heath were richer than David… edit: wowww I thought I was still on 4 likes thnx guys

  16. Franka Deluca says:

    Did everyone big just interviewed David in one week lmao??

    • Niah says:

      Franka Deluca they trying to get views

    • Philip Podsedek says:

      Franka Deluca I swear they did

    • art.sthetic _18 says:

      hahahaha right

    • Drake’s cousin says:

      Nicole Solis lmao imagine being so involved with a celebs personal life. Can’t relate because I’m not a fucking loser with no friends

    • art.sthetic _18 says:

      It’s probably because YouTube was hiding him form the trending page bc of the inappropriate content until he reached 10 million and YouTube was like oh shoot he really is important, now we can put him on the trending page because people are going to want to interview the “blogger that has met a bunch of celebrities and reached 10 million” bc he’s honestly amazing

  17. Emmy says:

    jack got the raw end of the deal in their friendship ending up working at buzzfeed ?

    • Emmy says:

      larry jeremiah – on one ? there’s someone with complete creative freedom and millions of fans and on the other ? dude works for a failing trash mag with zero creative freedom… lol u tell me how that’s “nah”

    • David Vasquez says:

      Super steady job compared to vining. Also not everyone can ride on David’s back for cash. He’s obviously independent and has other goals in mind other than prank every youtuber (no shade at David)

    • amina zubery says:

      Emmy Do u ever think that Jack could be reading that crappy comment of yours? And oh! since u know everything about jobs, what’s yours?

    • Minutely says:

      +amina zubery sounds like someone has a little too much time on there hands

    • Bree Sebastian says:

      amina zubery HONESTLY!!!I swear people can be so disgusting sometimes

  18. Rebellious Wrecker says:

    David: Everyone’s rich here

    *buys Tesla*

    • Marge Miller says:

      jxihsudywqisankjdbfhhudwiskdf I’m dead

      P.S. I just hit 100 subs and I’m so thankful and happy!! if you want to check my channel out, pls do!! don’t forget to subscribe, thanks!!

  19. rottenradish says:

    Why is he being interviewed so often in these past few weeks? Is he gonna start a movie series or something?

    • kazco シ says:

      rottenradish it’s part of the reason he started uploading two days a week, so he can do more stuff like this!

    • Just being Honest says:

      Idk but I live it

    • Meows Red says:

      +kazco シ Yes we know, OP’s point was why is he doing so many so suddenly, it’s likely more than “he just felt like it” he’s probably doing a press pr tour for an upcoming youtube red or netflix thing or something.

    • meeeg - says:

      Meows Red doubt that. it’s probably because of the kids choice award and now that he actually has time to do things like this

  20. River Monster says:

    Am I the only one that thinks if there was ever a live action Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, he could be Flint Lockwood lmfao

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