Dax – “The Real Dax Shady” Freestyle (Official Video)

Dax – “The Real Dax Shady” Freestyle (Official Video)

(LYRICS BELOW) To celebrate “My Last Words’ hitting 2.7 million
in the past 2 weeks here is my “The Real Dax Shady” Freestlye. Go tell eminem we need to make a hit and share this every. Keep Sharing and streaming “My Last Words” too. I know y’all will laugh at this. Hella more shit coming! Did I kill it?

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Shot by: Logan Meis
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For anyone who makes it this far in the description I just wanted to say thank you. It has been a crazy journey so far and it is just getting started. The power of manifestation is real. Thank you for allowing me to put my heart into my music and listening. I promise to never give up. I will not stop pushing until I reach the top. You can’t beat someone who doesn’t quit! Share this everywhere!

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Put yo thinking caps on Dax rapping
This eint gangsta music, don’t start shooting if I say start clapping, new era to much hair so I’m not cappin, caught lacking now I roll with a team of deadly assassins
I keep a cape inside my backpack
Then Supa man that hoeeee when they be talking out the ask crack
These niggas making memes but the memes making Dax cash, kevin hart a nigga let em giggle I get last laugh,
That’s right it’s calculated
Premature ejaculated
Did it by myself no help like master-bated
They say I’m soft well fuck I’ll get castrated
sell my balls to one of the haters who can’t make house payments
They full blown aids
They Killing the youth
Infecting the hoods twisting and distorting the truth, black on black crime I eint talking a suit, boi it eint cool to be a shooter unless it’s into a hoop
So lemme breakdown societal expectations, they say that I gotta be a NIGGA but dont tell me just in moderation
NIGGAS getting shot by the cops while cooperating, women turning thots for some cock and an operation
I should be the 2nd black president
Get Monica lawinsko here to get rid off the evidence
Turn the White House black so the residence
Can say “my nigga” while I’m terminating terrotists
Who made this society
Why I gotta wave a fukin gun for notoriety
Why I gotta be a fucking nigger when you diss me but you do real quietly and say it to yourself in ya head real privately

Now I’m moving they got nothing to say
I was broke down bad now I’m finding a way
Hit the lot with the team pull off in a wraith
If I eat then we eat I Eint playing no games
They don’t know what to do with a Nigga ye
They been trying to act a fool with a nigga ye
They don’t know what to do with a nigga
Ye ye ye

In terms of battle rap boi I’m batting a thousand, my career is like a hiker I’ve been climbing a mountain. YOU SUCK,!They be screaming from bottom I be waving from the top asking why are you shouting?
So i Jump off it’s a suicidal mission skydiving into mainstream juvenile divisions, look like a mumble but rap with the precision of Stan who’s been listening to Eminem revisions, bumpining dr dre beats w/ P Diddy manurisms, r Kelly to the game Iput my key in its ignition only difference is I’m grown and I eint playing, I eint talking, I eint beefin, I eint fighting with you mufuking children
Will The Real Dax please stand up
Then sit down again, and let the internet clown again
Karma is a bitch and anything you put into the universe is going to go and come around again
So can I get an AMEN
say that shit again man
Niggas watching other niggas sorta like a gay man
they bout to make me do time for this track go ahead bring that best right back

Now I’m moving they got nothing to say
I was broke down bad now I’m finding a way
Hit the lot with the team pull off in a wraith
If I eat then we eat I Eint playing no games
They don’t know what to do with a Nigga ye
They been trying to act a fool with a nigga ye
They don’t know what to do with a nigga
Ye ye ye

And Dear black community
I’m eint trynna don’t go to anymore of these black on black Instagram eulogies

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45 Responses

  1. Dax says:

    ITS DAX! WE FUCKING LIT ???! Share this everywhere! Hella more shit coming! Btw “MY LAST WORDS” is about to hit 3 million! Lets gooo! IF WE GO CRAZY ON THIS ONE IM DROPPING SOMETHING IN LESS THAN 15 days! Btw it’s on SoundCloud only:

  2. TSM_Boris. says:

    When dax hearts your comment on the music video LAST WORDS. And thinks he cares about you. And hearts everyone else. ??

  3. KyleDudeGames says:

    Teacher: What’s that stuff that’s in peoples ears?

    Dax: ITS WAX!!!

  4. Rick Bartels says:

    Docter: how’d you break your moms back???


  5. Asim Shareef says:

    Person: What instrument is that?

    Dax: ITS SAX

  6. Clyde Bazile says:

    Finally keeps on shirt…

    *Pulls down pants* ?

  7. Im A BOT says:

    He used his own booty for the thumbnail and it worked

  8. ThisNameIsWayToLongForYou says:

    He protecc
    He attacc
    Bust most of all ITS DAX!!!

  9. KnightDevil says:

    Players: How’d u get soo strong

    Me: its HACKS!!!!

  10. Qavos ! says:

    Finally! My dude Dax made it to trending you finna be a hit man imma be there all the way

  11. Blossom Tea Leaves says:

    *Me all throughout spring break*

    We should go to the pool-
    Mom: *IT’S PACKED*

  12. Redd Gemer says:

    Who else though the third one was:

    Its Fax

  13. Vevxo says:

    Apple before the Mac: Any name for our computers?

    Dax: ITS MAX

  14. Bless Gillette says:



    Daaaax: “I used to be a janitor”

  15. IzzYoung says:

    hey did you guys know Dax was a janitor

  16. K Nine 9 says:

    Producer: So how much autotune you want in the chorus…

    Dax: “THE MAXX”

  17. KiddSwankk 187 says:

    Hold up wait a minute…can it be…Dax is wearing shirt?!!!…nani?!!!!

  18. Mark William says:

    So will the real Dax please stand up!
    just to be trending at # 8!
    It’s #FACTS

  19. PATISTA BOMB says:

    Lmao DAX putting all the hate and memes into one video.
    ITS FAX!

  20. Adrian Jimenez says:

    “Did it by myself, No help like I masterbaited”- DAX 2019

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