DC Young Fly On Bringing Back TRL, His Rise In Comedy, His Baby Daughter & More

DC Young Fly On Bringing Back TRL, His Rise In Comedy, His Baby Daughter & More

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20 Responses

  1. Amber Brooklyn says:

    TRL was lit after school back in the day 🤔

  2. extraordinary01 says:

    He came a long way. In less than 5 years time he went from instagram roasting to movies to having a show. Salute this man.

  3. Neoldsoul says:

    “She had Zika” 😂😂😂😂 lmaooooo shut up Charlamagne

  4. Creux says:

    lmao why DC come in looking like a ghetto delivery man. Like he deliver food stamps to the hood.

  5. Vizionz says:

    The definition of grinding 💯 went from those Instagram videos to tv to hosting a show

  6. Jordan Ogelsby says:

    Remember when bro was struggling way before the vines its more behind dat dc shit than wat yall think i love being from da A cause we know how to get shit out da mud and get money together cant no other city do that period

  7. Teflon KC ಌ Sood81 says:

    DJ Envy: *So tell us about life in comedy*
    DC: *Sure, I absolutely love come…*
    Yee: *(interrupts) Ooh ooh, I have a friend who’s a comedian*
    CTG: *I got a joke. Knock knock.*
    Everyone: *Who’s there?*
    CTG: *A homosexual in denial named Charlamagne Tha God*

  8. PrismRblx says:

    My nigga came from nothing to staring in movies

  9. Maequn The Entertainer says:

    Damnn if D.C Young Fly Came Started Doing Videos Now Doing Movies And TV Shows.. I Can Do It I Can’t Wait Till I Hit The Screen And Interviews I Look Up To Marlon Wayans And Martin Lawrence The Most Tho

  10. Makaveli Soldier says:

    This dude remind me of Chris tucker

  11. Ebony White says:

    He reminds me of a young Chris Tucker

  12. BlackK GMS says:

    Lets remember that damian marley only got 12 min yall……

  13. Shere Khan says:

    Call me a hater but I’ve never in my life laughed at one thing this Nigga ever muttered out his mouth.

  14. Eloheem DaGod says:

    TRL won’t last long who still watch MTV 🤔

  15. octayvia25 says:

    So wait….he admitted he doesn’t want his baby to date a man like him, and he takes care of his baby mom’s, but aint faithful…..I hope his girl was aware, otherwise he’s in for some problems.😅😅😅

  16. DAVID CASTRO says:

    Ice Cube should
    hired him to be Smokey son.. for the new Friday movie …that boy would kill it😂😂

  17. pixie1doll says:

    Now that mtv has this show back,,, BET needs college hill, midnight love, hits from the streets, uncut, maybe a black dating show, black a game show

  18. Slater Girl says:

    DC is an entertainer. This comment section needs to calm down.

  19. Antoine Mercury says:

    “These swings gettin a lil slow gat damn” shit had me dying 😭😭😭💀

  20. I know y u mad ni%%a says:

    Why niggas in the comment complaining that he too loud… The nigga been loud n act da same way… So u tellin me u clicked on the video to say he too loud… Instead of congrats on the new show on a white channel at that

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