DDG’s 2019 XXL Freshman Pitch

DDG’s 2019 XXL Freshman Pitch

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DDG explains why he deserves to be a 2019 XXL Freshman. Vote for your favorite artist in the 10th spot here: http://freshmanxxlmag.com/10th-spot

Beat produced by D-Fresh Beatz

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49 Responses

  1. XXL says:

    What do you think of DDG for the 2019 XXL Freshman Class?

  2. GamingWithE02 says:

    “I was _____________ in high school” finish the quote.

  3. JustKy says:

    If he not on this year, by next year he’ll be too global? wouldn’t even matter then
    DDG 4 XXL?‼️

  4. FredoSoSaucy says:

    DDG: put me in coach
    XXL: He’s ready!

  5. Mekhi Goodlow says:

    But yea bro jus look at the views compared to everybody look at his pic on ya page it’s the most poppin one ?? weven better than BLUEFACES it’s honestly a nooo brainer DDG WILL DRAW THE MOST EYES undoubtedly

  6. Mekhi Goodlow says:

    Wowwwwww my guy HAS over 3-4x the amount of views than any other pitch put up today… wild

  7. Bryan Gsubaybys says:

    “Ddg gon blow like coke mixed with mentos”? who else know wht I’m talking bout?

  8. Zac Esca says:

    Get him on XXL, 120k views in 7 hours. MORE THAN ANYONE ????

  9. good wav says:

    DDG really got the most comments on these xxl freshman pitch videos! Crazy! He deserves it

  10. Mel Kapri says:

    Now that you watched the video, go in the description and ACTUALLY VOTE for him. Cause DDG finna blow like
    Mentos mixed with coke

  11. Lyrical Source says:

    Perioddddddddd DDG NEXT UP BIHHH U MAD OR WHAT ?????????‼️

  12. godbody says:

    Ddg got more views than anyone of this list combined. How could he not make it????

  13. life of ishmael says:

    DDG gots to be there, like have they heard his music???

  14. JayyeMelo Nation says:

    I’m voting for DDG, Sada Baby, and Molly Brazy Michigan stand up??

  15. enigmatic energy says:

    He’s going to make it. Some people just have star quality, and he has IT. ?I love his confidence too.

  16. NyNy_ Tv says:

    This is a hard worker right here?he deserves this deffly??like all my #DDGSQAUD❗️⬇️

  17. Netflixandtaee says:

    DDG Has The Most Views Out Of All The Pitches❗

  18. N1vk Lifts says:

    Name one other XXL freshman who was valedictorian and lost their virginity at 13 I’ll wait

  19. MARCstaylit says:

    “fast forward 8 Years xxl recruited me”??

  20. Briancookem Up says:

    Ddg is already on the got next spot.
    Can’t take him off??. DDG SQUAD❤️?

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