Deadly mall shooting near El Paso

Deadly mall shooting near El Paso

Police say several people have been killed and numerous injuries in shopping mall shooting.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Hearing the actual gun shots is absolutely bone chilling

  2. cow moo says:

    The most chilling part is how the deaths all these people will be forgotten in a week or 2

  3. deniel edwards says:


  4. David Lucas says:

    As I’m sure some have already pointed out, events like this come in 4 stages: (1) shock and grief, (2) “thoughts and prayers,” (3) blame the gun/blame the suspect, and (4) we move on and wait for the next one. An all-too-common pattern in this country.

  5. Aseel Tare says:

    Implement torture for these fools. Idc what anyone says they don’t deserve life or death. They deserve a living hell

  6. Emilie Sarringhaus says:

    I live 30 minutes from Gilroy, where we just had a shooting at the Garlic Festival there. We had several injuries and three fatalities. Unimaginable to lose 20+ members of a community.

  7. phil1pd says:

    I think I’ll just use amazon instead.

  8. Dope _Discharge says:

    Damn bullet proof vests are on my back to school shopping list

  9. George Da Patio Guy says:


    • Rob Miali says:

      @Cheyenne Garcia you cant blame the president for this mass shooting lol.

    • Ëë Mage says:

      @jesaintlouis El paso shooter had a online manifesto against immigrants. Thank you Trump.

    • Rob Miali says:

      @George Da Patio Guy mmm ok there is alot of things you have said, that may actually be incorrect, please do some research first before spewing nonesence on youtube.

    • ßⲆЙ ŦḫḜ ĞџስS says:

      You’re far more likely to get shot by your fellow American citizen then some foreigner following his skydaddy

    • T Martin says:

      @Barley 1312 He didn’t call for them he just inspired them.

  10. Brown Giles says:

    A friend of mine just posted on Instagram the prey because one of her closest friends kids have been shot in this Madness. This breaks my heart how many more parents how many more kids how many more grandparents I’m going to have to suffer.

  11. private name says:

    This man was a coward. Prayers to the people killed or injured

  12. 000236 000236 says:

    ERROR: Thoughts&Prayers.exe Stopped working.
    Press any key to restart.

  13. Julio Diaz says:

    Why dont they talk about the comments the shooter made on his social media???
    He went out there on a mission to kill Mexicans, but the News dont want to mention that
    This isn’t something we should be use too.?

    • That Guy says:


    • T Martin says:

      @Drinks Home 250 mass shooting in 2019 and the year is not over. The fact that these crimes havent lead to laws to stop & frisk white males or at least monitor their movement for the safetly of the public is priviledge. See you get to live your life free of suspicions. You get to be seen as an individual and not a stat. No other group is afforded that same priviledge. Had these shooters been any other race the public would be pressuring elected officials to pass legislative to protect us from individuals that look like you.

    • Mike Smith says:

      Johnny B I guess Oprah Winfrey has White Privileged because she’s a frikin Billionaire

    • Drinks Home says:

      T Martin
      Take me out to dinner before you pretend you know me.

      I am most certainly not afforded that luxury in the UK, not sure how it works in the US but to say “I” get to walk around suspicion free is absolutely laughable. Maybe you’ve just not stood up for anything and shouted loud enough. Try it, your colour makes no difference ? ✌️

  14. The Last_Saint says:

    This might seem insensitive, but where were all these good guys with guns! They weren’t at Wal Mart, saving people with their guns? This is what you hear and read online- that all we need is good guys with guns, and this shit won’t happen anymore…yet, nary a good guy in sight.
    The argument that we need more guns is an argument made by gun makers, and morons. Untrained shooters wandering the halls and aisles do NOTHING to curb the insane.
    NEVER in American history, have Good Guys with guns helped in mass shootings. Trained police, tactical units, and highly trained military professionals need guns in extreme situations, not untrained citizens, packing heat and swinging their dicks…. America, please stop this shit! Please stop sending hopes and prayers. Send Congress people to office to protect the American way of life- which is not a gun on every hip…

    • Oliver Castillo says:

      if there’s a gun ban who would be giving their guns? law abiding citizens or criminals? terrorist will always find a way

    • The One 21 says:

      Bra. Our Congress is shit.

    • smoknn77 says:

      know your FACTS before you spew your crap!! never in the history? really? in 2017 the Sutherland Springs church shooting was stopped by a civilian!! a civilian with an AR-15 !! a local resident who saw what was happening and acted upon himself to stop that carnage. I can go on and on but facts don’t matter to anti-gun anti 2 amendment loons because the facts are this Walmart was a NO-GUN ZONE. so no one was able to stop this lunatic because no one was able to legally carry in that zone

    • jae says:

      The Last_Saint This was something that no one would ever predict especially in El Paso. He took advantage of that and by the time someone reported it to the police and they got there, he had already shot so many people

    • G B Boxing says:

      it was a gun free zone you absolute imbecile.

  15. lauren Williams says:

    they should of killed him!!!! he shouldn’t of been just caught wtf!!! now he will be protected in prison being fed, a bed to sleep!!

  16. NDIPOWA L. TITSAA says:

    we all know the shooter is a good boy who helps his family around and is an AB student with mental health issues… pathetic !!

  17. realbahamianbhadie smith says:

    This is sad, I’m not American but you guys shouldn’t have too go through this!!! I’m keeping each and every one of you in prayers?????? God bless you all.!!

  18. Amran Siddik says:

    Why dont you call him a terrorist instead of a shooter. You do it to the muslims. Same crime two diffrent names. Why!!!

    There both as bad as each other!!!!

  19. 405 BOY says:

    So more information is coming that they believe this was probably an attack on the Hispanic community..Not cool at all.. I’m black but my heart goes out to all those people who lost loved ones ??

  20. Rod Silva says:

    Donald Trump is destroying this country!
    White guy strikes AGAIN !
    Them they wants to blame all on Spanish people

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