Deadly Poison Dart Frog?

Deadly Poison Dart Frog?

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote ventures deep into the rainforests of Costa Rica in search of an elusive and EXTREMELY TOXIC Poison Frog!

Poison Frogs, also famously known as “Poison Dart Frogs”, can be found throughout the tropics of Latin and South America and come in a wide array of brilliant color variations including reds, blues, oranges, yellows and many others. It is true that all Poison Frogs can be dangerous to humans but some species are so toxic that just one frog has the ability to kill up to ten people!

Now the only question is just how poisonous is the frog Coyote encounters? Well you’re about to find out!

Get ready to meet the Granulated Poison Frog!

*Big thanks to La Tarde Ecolodge and Roel for hosting the team at this location. Please visit their website to book your own adventure in the breathtaking wilderness of Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula today!

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20 Responses

  1. VGMajor says:

    I was wondering if you guys have a contingency plan if threatened by a
    large predator.

  2. Paul Tavake says:

    5:38 Rear naked choke hold!!

  3. Ben E says:

    the death of Animal Planet is here . Please be like Steve Irwin

  4. Haty860 :3 says:

    Can i have one as a pet? :)

  5. JCX617 says:

    If coyote dies, it would be like the crocodile hunter all over again… 🙁
    stay safe!.

  6. Blatrix says:

    Go look for a stone fish

  7. CutoverConch35 says:

    Your awesome and I love ur vids

  8. Kristi Mace says:

    name him poisony

  9. Beheh Shudhe says:

    Bullet ant coyote!!!

  10. A.J The Official says:

    I used to be so scared of dart frogs because I knew they poisonous I just
    didn’t know how they or where they produced this poison.
    Thx for the knowledge.

  11. Nate Spigelmyer says:

    I love the two colors on the poison dart frog :D

  12. Gojira Ray says:

    do a bird eating snake

  13. WARRIOR GAMER says:

    do you use a different frog for every pic or do you just hope they hop away

  14. vasile preda says:

    Chris and Alex

  15. Marquise Hollis says:


  16. Disdain for Plebs says:

    National Geographic Channel should give this guy a contract!

  17. Super Cat says:

    Make a behind the senes video

  18. Amarie2223 says:

    It a strawberry poison frog

  19. Dani Azakura says:

    I may be wrong, but isn’t the most dangerous frog capable of poison you by
    just touching your skin? That is what I had in mind (I’m talking about the
    frog in south america).

  20. aranaedgardo says:

    getting weird deja vu, feel like I’m watching the movie “Strange