Deadpool Sidekick Auditions w/ Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool Sidekick Auditions w/ Ryan Reynolds

James Corden has some ways to spice up the box office smash, Deadpool, with some sidekick suggestions such as Strawberry Short Fuse and Ravey Crockett.

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20 Responses

  1. The AntiCoIntelPro Show says:

    I tried…God help me I tried so hard…Not to like this cleaned up English
    Jack Black…But dang it love this guy he is so hilarious…and exactly
    what late late night Tv needed to revive it’s self from the dustbin of talk
    show history
    Way to go James…YOU ROCK BRO
    And I guess that Ryan Reynolds guy is okay as well

  2. Michal Motyčka says:

    btw…and I surely might be wrong. But is that potato costume the same as
    what Ross wore as a Sputnik costume in Friends???!!!

  3. Nickle For Your Thoughts says:

    Ryan is such a chill dude, I hope the huge marvel fame doesn’t get to his

  4. Karishma H NiazKilam says:


  5. Pawno Only says:

    68469 viewer god i’m early

  6. Oliver Curant says:

    Fuck off Corden you fat, talentless cunt!

  7. Kamikazi Lucas says:

    but what if deadpool is not out now?????

  8. Caped Baldy says:

    I made inhuman sounds when I saw Ryan in the costume agian. I wanna watch
    it so bad but godamn exams.

  9. Hawks Mason Forever says:

    PudgePool xD theres the name

  10. KTnarnia says:

    My old roommate in LA looks & sounds just like Ryan Reynolds. Well, the
    only difference is that he’s a little more slender and his voice is deeper.

  11. Samantha Brinn says:

    This just made my day! Lol : )

  12. spineblaZe says:

    Thumbs down for fucking annoying laugh track. Ugh.

  13. Edgar trejo vazquez says:

    DEADPOOL CORPS. confirmed?????’ <3 o <3

  14. Jndhawk6 says:

    Title should’ve been deadpool and deadfool

  15. M. Andrés Alvarado says:

    deadpool have a sidekick: kidpool

  16. slksrkhrr says:

    BICEPS 0o0

  17. Baig enator says:

    Ryan is just like me, he hates leg day lol

  18. Jaypee Geezy says:

    Deapool and fatfool

  19. Haziq Hazlam says:

    double deadpool lol i’m so done ?

  20. Cori Eddings says:

    James has been on fire and Ryan…well… he still is the cutiest and
    sexiest guy, love everything he has done.?