Dear Snapchat!

Dear Snapchat!

An open letter to Snapchat in 2018…

…cya on Instagram:

Video Gear I use:
Tech I’m using right now:

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee


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75 Responses

  1. TechKErala says:

    what is Snapchat? i am 29 🙁

  2. Abdulhafid says:

    uninstalling my 420MB SNAPCHAT….

  3. fralyx says:

    I don’t have snapchat and instagram

    And I don’t care

  4. N P says:

    Never trust edited comments!

  5. Aditya Singhvi says:

    I left Snapchat 4 months before lol

  6. toiler gspot says:

    Great t-shirt choice ?

  7. Dammitimmad says:

    y’all ready know everyone is gonna call snapchat an ig copy when snapchat fixes itself kek

  8. Jeffrey Morgan says:

    I use snapchat for just my friends. I don’t want to follow creators on there. I will use Instagram for that. It’s nice having the seperation

  9. Eddy Yang says:

    Uhh Marques, the intro song is not Ongoing Thing…

  10. Artūrs Terentjevs says:

    That red 1+5T is lit ???

  11. York Town says:

    The new update is what you wanted right? The explore page?


  12. Tanmay thakur says:

    Yup for me too insta is much better

  13. Mitesh fegade says:

    When snapchat ceo feels india is “to poor” for snapchat….

    Well i had my own reason not to use it..?

  14. Vishrant Khanna says:

    Snapchat ended in a Snap!

  15. Mattheus Mattheus says:

    Mkbhd is very mature

  16. Playdust says:

    I feel like Snapchat is good for messing about with friends and sharing what you are up to even if the pictures and videos are terrible, where as instagram is looked upon to be more professional and the pictures should be better quality and unique, and the aim is to get lots of followers and likes on your pictures, where as Snapchat is for more personal and mediocar things.

  17. Levy Roth says:

    Isn’t Snapchat for sharing underage porn anyway?! Who uses this?!

  18. InfinitePower says:

    -Apple- -1- – -Android- -0-
    Instagram 1 – Snapchat 0

  19. Dil S says:

    What Snapchat needs to do:
    – Support Android
    – Bring back best friends
    – Make discovery page more accessible

  20. InfinitePower says:

    Oh snap!

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