Death Stranding – Release Date Reveal Trailer | PS4

Death Stranding – Release Date Reveal Trailer | PS4

DEATH STRANDING will be available November 8, 2019. Learn more:

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51 Responses

  1. Missflameo says:

    The cast. The soundtrack. I am SHOOK

  2. Jimmny Castle says:

    Tetsuya Nomura: I have one of the most complex video games stories out there.
    Hideo Kojima: Hold my Saké

  3. HolyCrap ItsMax says:

    Comment section: I’m so confused

    Me: I’m so confused but I roll with it. Take my money Kojima

  4. Graka Ganggang says:

    Fun Fact: The more you learn about death stranding, *the more confusing it becomes*

  5. James Osbourne says:

    Norman just hit a man with a yellow briefcase.

    Welp, time to pre-order.

  6. Kevin says:

    Immediately after watching the trailer: * *googles who is Margaret Qualley* *

    Oh boy I’m in love

  7. J Atwood says:

    Apocalypse Delivery.
    So, is this a story about how Walmart plans to stay in business?

    Great looking game. I’m stoked!

  8. Daniel Dickinson says:

    I have no idea what I just watched, but once I saw the ladder I was sold.

  9. Tom Charles says:

    I have from this trailer summarised the following:

    It’s a game
    Kojima is off his meds again

  10. Nank Dug says:

    Young Gamora: So you finally made a new game. What’s it about?

    Kojima: Everything.

  11. Someone123 says:

    Rick: can you run a few errands

    Darryl: ye-

    Kojima: later

  12. frid abu.b says:

    Tha game industry are making a higher quality stuff than most hollywood films now. Im hyped

  13. KYB77 says:

    Konami:metal gear survive
    Kojima:ladder with physics

  14. project Deryck says:

    Me: I just want to know what is thi…

    Kojima: *Yes*

  15. Laughing Octopus says:

    WW1, WW2, modern day, future
    Is this game just everything?

  16. Dane Amussen says:

    **Takes off mask, has another mask underneath**
    Oh, I expected nothing less from you, mister kojima

  17. Xyabra says:

    If the Skulls were scary in MGS5,
    then this takes it to a whole new level

  18. Liesny Fernandez says:

    Other Publishers: “Alright guys November looks like a great month to release our games with no interruptions we got this!”

    Hideo Kojima: “Hold my glasses”

  19. Noah Franke says:

    I aM cOnfUsiON, KoJiMA eXPLain!?‍♂️

  20. Fart Inhaler says:

    The genre is… Hideo Kojima

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