Death Stranding – Release Date Reveal Trailer | PS4

Death Stranding – Release Date Reveal Trailer | PS4

DEATH STRANDING will be available November 8, 2019. Learn more:

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51 Responses

  1. Missflameo says:

    The cast. The soundtrack. I am SHOOK

  2. Jimmny Castle says:

    Tetsuya Nomura: I have one of the most complex video games stories out there.
    Hideo Kojima: Hold my Saké

  3. HolyCrap ItsMax says:

    Comment section: I’m so confused

    Me: I’m so confused but I roll with it. Take my money Kojima

  4. Graka Ganggang says:

    Fun Fact: The more you learn about death stranding, *the more confusing it becomes*

    • Nisco Racing says:

      It’s confusing cause your brain is programmed to divide, and not to harmonies.

    • reciprocating social lobotomy says:

      I dont even have a single clue on whats going on.

    • Albert Draper says:

      Graka Ganggang It’s your close mindedness, not the game.

    • Prince Armani says:

      It’s entirely based off the world of quantum physics, mechanics, superposition, and wave function. a huge part is the reference of Schwarzschild Radius and Dirac Equation

  5. James Osbourne says:

    Norman just hit a man with a yellow briefcase.

    Welp, time to pre-order.

  6. Kevin says:

    Immediately after watching the trailer: * *googles who is Margaret Qualley* *

    Oh boy I’m in love

  7. J Atwood says:

    Apocalypse Delivery.
    So, is this a story about how Walmart plans to stay in business?

    Great looking game. I’m stoked!

  8. Daniel Dickinson says:

    I have no idea what I just watched, but once I saw the ladder I was sold.

  9. Tom Charles says:

    I have from this trailer summarised the following:

    It’s a game
    Kojima is off his meds again

  10. Nank Dug says:

    Young Gamora: So you finally made a new game. What’s it about?

    Kojima: Everything.

  11. Someone123 says:

    Rick: can you run a few errands

    Darryl: ye-

    Kojima: later

  12. frid abu.b says:

    Tha game industry are making a higher quality stuff than most hollywood films now. Im hyped

    • USBEN says:

      Is kojima the boss

    • MorterMan 5000 says:

      This be lookin better then GOT season 8

    • emile roberge says:

      On what basis do you compare the quality between movies and video games. Also your comparing a small region of the united states that made millions of movies to a single game made by an indie japanese studio

    • BadlyDrawnRobot says:

      Strange =/= higher quality

    • Ethan Gray says:

      Hideo Kojima is the GOAT.

      If you haven’t caught all the undertones of artificial connection and individuality then be prepared for when this MF flips the industry on its head again.

  13. KYB77 says:

    Konami:metal gear survive
    Kojima:ladder with physics

  14. project Deryck says:

    Me: I just want to know what is thi…

    Kojima: *Yes*

  15. Laughing Octopus says:

    WW1, WW2, modern day, future
    Is this game just everything?

  16. Dane Amussen says:

    **Takes off mask, has another mask underneath**
    Oh, I expected nothing less from you, mister kojima

  17. Xyabra says:

    If the Skulls were scary in MGS5,
    then this takes it to a whole new level

  18. Liesny Fernandez says:

    Other Publishers: “Alright guys November looks like a great month to release our games with no interruptions we got this!”

    Hideo Kojima: “Hold my glasses”

  19. Noah Franke says:

    I aM cOnfUsiON, KoJiMA eXPLain!?‍♂️

  20. Fart Inhaler says:

    The genre is… Hideo Kojima

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