Deion Sanders wins first game as Jackson State head coach [HIGHLIGHTS] | ESPN College Football

Deion Sanders wins first game as Jackson State head coach [HIGHLIGHTS] | ESPN College Football

Watch highlights of the Jackson State Tigers’ 53-0 victory against the Edward Waters Tigers as Deion Sanders pick up his first win as a college football head coach.

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77 Responses

  1. Andres Quiroz says:

    he going to attract a lot of good players, and a lot of money to that school

  2. 2000 Honda Civic Si says:

    Prime time!!!!

  3. The ArcAngel says:

    Awesomeness.. Can’t wait until they play SWAC conference schools. That will be the litmus test. It really starts with Grambling!!

  4. Larri Lindsey says:

    I hope this sparks more recruits coming back to HBCUs and more First round draft picks for the NFL

  5. Jaquay Hills says:

    Look how organized those boys are, pay attention southern!

    • henryjw15 says:

      @Dante Baker yeah, that’s true, I think the level between FCS and FBS are closer now than they were ever was. But this was a FCS team playing a NAIA, basically a d-3 school

    • Jaquay Hills says:

      It’s the first game, they got up to the line, got the plays in..defensively they were on point, play calling they were on point… if they keep practicing that by the third game they will be a well oiled machine…practice makes perfect

    • Jaquay Hills says:

      @Fletcher L yea they done exactly what they were supposed to do against them, I remember when southern played them, they struggled against EWC until halftime because southern was just unorganized

    • Jaquay Hills says:

      @dylan moran this is no different then when LSU plays a small college to fine tune themselves in the beginning.

    • Fletcher L says:

      @Jaquay Hills Exactly. I grew up in Duval so I know E. Waters well. I’m rooting for JSU and Prime but, beating EWC aint nothing to write home about. The score would probably look similar vs. ANY SWAC team so I’m just being cool before I start bragging. Lol

  6. Stealthtiger13 says:

    Glad to see him having success. I’ve got a few neon deon signs from when he played with the braves

  7. JD Carleon says:

    You can see and feel the inspiration and excitement he has infused into these young men!

  8. Alonzo Mcdowell says:

    Things are about to change in the HBCU schools…. It’s prime time baby.

  9. Michael Caz says:

    Congratulations Coach Sanders. Great that Troy Aikman came to see you. ( nice embrace between 2 Cowboys Legends ) – Too bad some “Coward” had to Rob-You, and take-away from your special moment. I hope they catch the guy. Rooting for your Success brother. oNe LovE from NYC

    • Kaiser Wilhelm II says:

      The guy was himself lol. It was misplaced apparently.

    • gabe powell says:

      @Kaiser Wilhelm II no it was a female that stole his stuff. The assistant coach apprehended her until the police got there

    • 77vernheath says:

      @gabe powell thank you for clearing that up for him.. I live here In Jax .. get ya facts straight! We don’t allow that type of talk. Keep that where you’re from .. we are building down here..

    • Kaiser Wilhelm II says:

      @gabe powell my bad didn’t see that part. Media lied to me.

    • gabe powell says:

      @Kaiser Wilhelm II yea he said that after his press conference. A couple of media outlets were trying to change the narrative of this incident

  10. Ht Stxge says:

    I didn’t see one defensive snap 😂

  11. Aswad Malik says:

    They looked good, but that o-line needs work. Especially, if they ever get on the field w/ NCAT. It is early and they showed very well. Congrats JSU and Coach prime.

    • LoveTheSmell OfJetFuel says:

      Ya they look small and had a leaky lg they need to be careful later in the season

    • Michael Davis says:

      @Will Gazlay Small,lol.300 pounds small,lol.Everyone of JSU o lineman weigh over 300 pounds and we eat big in The South!

    • Will Gazlay says:

      @Michael Davis Heavy is not synonymous with big. It’s not rocket science that 300 pounds of baby fat is no where near the same as 300 pounds of muscle layered in there.

    • Michael Davis says:

      @Will Gazlay Lol, you said they were small, now they fat.smh.Fat lol,they small and fat 😜,still doing their job.Sanders not complaining,lol.

    • Will Gazlay says:

      @Michael Davis Yes, they are small because they don’t have muscle mass. What are you not understanding?

  12. killab says:

    Troy a real one for showing support & encouragement to Deion & an HBCU in Jackson St.

  13. Jon Shell says:

    I bet that their former Cowboys coach will be proud of these two supporting each other.

  14. River Valley University says:

    Imagine how the facilities are going to transform over the next 10 years.

  15. I like my own comments says:

    JSU has a killer marching band. Now primetime is the head coach of the football team?? Oh boy, exciting times in Mississippi!

  16. Maurice Golden says:

    “Wins first game” is an understatement! That was brutal

  17. Rolando Quinteros says:

    Troy out here rocking his outfit on point

  18. Highway Red says:

    I hope those young men know that every player that touched the field made history today

  19. Josh Christian says:

    Imagine being a young kid and the GOAT corner you’ve always dreamed of being is your coach.

  20. Jackobee says:

    I hope there’s a documentary being filmed about this season

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