Deji VS Vinnie Hacker Press Conference – Social Gloves #BattleofthePlatforms

Deji VS Vinnie Hacker Press Conference – Social Gloves #BattleofthePlatforms

Don’t miss the Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms live press conference from Fred Segal in L.A. at 4:30 ET/1:30 pm PT. Meet all the fighters and be the first to hear some exciting announcements!

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48 Responses

  1. Ghosty says:

    Bryce Fall the biggest and moist clown in the whole room. He shaked when he talked which means he has fear

  2. RetroDubs says:

    Bryce talking like the toxic 12 year old in the Xbox Live Party that loses every call of duty match.

  3. AGMtagious says:

    its ironic how deji’s opponent is more chill than the guy that is sitting next to the right of fousy, telling him to stfu and suff

  4. Lou Abucayan says:

    It hilarious how Bryce and Taylor tryna act gangster while Deji acting composed and distinguished.

  5. SandingIsFun says:

    ‘If you don’t get Nate Robinsoned on the night’ Nate Robinson has now become a verb 💀

  6. S. R.N says:

    Deji is like the only person who called out a host for disrespecting his opponent. Respect

  7. The Gamer says:

    Notice how Bryce acts soo hard when mcbroom just knocked him down faster than Addison cheating on him

  8. Aiva Guillory says:

    I really do feel like Deji and Vinnie are gonna be good friends after the fight😂they’re so chill w each other

  9. Ajitha Ninan says:

    Bryce Hall is the literal definition of “Empty vessels make the most noise.”

  10. Shinobi says:

    It’s crazy how Deji had to defend Vinnie (a TikToker) instead of all the TikTokers sitting next to him

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