Delusional Owner Thinks He Gets The Same Produce As The White House | Kitchen Nightmares

Delusional Owner Thinks He Gets The Same Produce As The White House | Kitchen Nightmares

And micro carrots for garnish?

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72 Responses

  1. AmFilms123 says:

    Server Bill looks like Matt damon!

  2. E says:

    “I’ve cooked been all round”

  3. James Burgess says:

    I remember Gordon said within the first 60 seconds, he knows who’s gonna be the best chef on Hell’s Kitchen.
    I bet it’s more like 5 or 10 seconds for some of these arrogant owners on Kitchen Nightmares.

  4. King Of Gaming says:

    Why is he so triggered over him handing him micro carrots -.-

  5. XIX 5 Gamers XIX says:

    That chef doesn’t even know that Gordon is from Scotland and starts doing an English accent

  6. Christian De leon says:

    This is season 6 episode 11 just if you were wondering

  7. Gryffindor's Heir says:

    Notice how many more times he says “our”/”we” rather than taking the blame and owning up to his mistakes alone. It’s not the staff that are making the mistakes.

  8. Billis Sianis says:

    “food here is the FRESHIEST in town”

    takes out frozen food from the fridge

  9. renee solomon says:

    He said the carrots are global but I just found out that micro carrots existed????

  10. — — says:

    “The food is the freshest” *as they show people pulling food out of the freezer and microwaving it*

  11. William Hardy says:

    When he was carrying that dang cake like a dead body, I felt like that would be sooooo awkward for that employee he did it with

  12. E.C.C Legend 777 says:


  13. Jack Attack says:

    Lol the owner is so dumb

  14. DrearyRainClowds says:

    I love how this idiot predicts what Gordon will criticize about the food as it goes out….because he knows it’s wrong and can’t admit it ??‍♀️

  15. Zekeriah Jones says:

    “It takes a good 4 hours just to caramelize the onions”
    Owner: “WAT”

  16. DPadGamer says:

    Gotta say; having watched (almost) every Kitchen Nightmare video I come across, I have a new found appreciation for all those non-franchised cafes / resturants I’ve visited over the years that weren’t utter garbage.

  17. Marci Leatherboots1 says:

    Owner: My business is failing, let me see if Chef Ramsay will help me.
    Chef Ramsay: Your food is disgusting, bland, and dry.
    Owner: You have no idea what you’re talking about.
    Literally almost EVERY episode of KN.

  18. Rusty Sarkela says:

    “Hes in the wrong place” says the guy with the failing resteraunt, about the guy here to save the failing resteraunt. Good luck with your shit attitude wondering why all the seats are empty.

  19. AndrewRages says:

    Those carrots are definitely antivaxxed, they didn’t even grow up.

  20. Opiate says:

    *The funeral procession of cake and flowers killed me lmao so damn funny*

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