Demi Lovato performs at March for our Lives

Demi Lovato performs at March for our Lives

Demi Lovato performs at March for our Lives

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53 Responses

  1. bubble gum says:

    I really miss this song!! Wahhhhhh love you demi<3

  2. Mariana Reis says:

    I’m so proud of Demi! She has show tonight and still went to the March of Our Lives to sing. She’s an angel! ❤

    • Nella J says:

      Mariana Reis Oh ok. Cool

    • Savage Sal says:

      Mike Carter She May not seem true to you, but have you done countless performances to honor those that lost their lives, or helped children in third world countries?Demi has done all of those, no one is perfect but she’s very close.

  3. lilbhvddie IG says:

    She slayed the vocals.☁

  4. Yasmin Druijts says:

    My inspiration, my lifesaver, my idol, my all: Demi Lovato ❤️

  5. r m says:

    She’s beautiful! 🙂

  6. Ariana Gomes says:

    this is her best song! i love her like i love miley and ariana 😍😍 they are the greatest singers of this generation

  7. Selenator mixer says:

    Looooove her voice 💕

  8. Riley Lam says:

    This and Miley singing “The Climb,” ugh I can’t! ❤️

  9. Pedro Amador Martinez says:

    I did not expect Skyscraper… I nearly burst out crying. Go Demi! 🖤
    Go youth of today! You both make me proud

  10. Andy says:

    Such an appropriate song for an important and meaningful movement.

    • Sun kissed_ Melanin O says:

      accelworldfan yes it’s about Gun control in the US since there’s been so many school shootings and elsewhere in the US like nightclubs, churches, and others. But for the most part it’s for schools having kids in school to feel safe in school not worrying about a shooting

    • Sun kissed_ Melanin O says:

      accelworldfan thx for caring

    • i94Rules says:

      Sun kissed_ Melanin O I feel safe in school. Maybe kids should stop bullying other kids I see that happening more than shootings.

  11. SuperBranman011 says:

    Ariana singing Be Alright
    Miley singing The Climb
    Demi singing Skyscraper

    my heart couldnt take it, i almost died from the iconicness

  12. Andrew Maliberan says:

    Skyscraper, Be Alright and The Climb.. Wig!. 🔥❤

  13. Rachel H says:

    This march is making me cry it is so beautiful to see so many people come together to make a change

  14. MsKsmith1234 says:

    Good on ya Demi

  15. Adriana Sanfilippo says:

    1:17 she says to turn up the mic

    • Fem Tinista says:

      does this effect her vocals?

    • Adriana Sanfilippo says:

      Fem Tinista I don’t think so.. I can’t hear a change

    • Anabel Alvarez says:

      maybe it’s so she can hear herself better

    • quietheroine says:

      She’s asking for the ear monitor mixer to turn up her mic/vocals in her in-ear monitors, she can’t hear herself enough. This doesn’t affect the volume for the public listening to her, just makes it easier for her to sing as she doesn’t need to ”shout” louder/strain her vocal chords to hear herself.

  16. Eduard Gil says:

    Her voice is a little bit tired bc of touring but she was amazing as always

  17. Hunter says:

    I cant even with Miley, Ariana, and Demi singing their old and iconic songs!!
    im so dead!! i love them sooo much!!!

  18. aradhana parida says:

    *demi Ariana and miley need to do a collab.. agree??*

  19. Yenelly says:

    I love how Miley showed up with leggings, sweatshirt and no makeup 😍😍 and also love how they all got together for this!

  20. S P says:

    Slay queen slay! 💕

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