Democratic National Conventional – Our Fight Song

Democratic National Conventional – Our Fight Song

“Fight Song,” produced by Elizabeth Banks, Bruce Cohen and Mike Thompkins, features actors, musicians and supporters singing their support for Hillary Clinton to Rachel Platten’s Fight Song. The a cappella video is inspired by the Pitch Perfect films, which are produced by Banks.

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20 Responses

  1. Naker Phelge says:

    dumb dumb dumb….perfect intro

  2. fredfred burger says:

    People who support either party are fucking morons.

  3. The Kenotic says:

    they were all paid to do this video by the way

  4. VegetableConfusion says:

    All politics aside…that was three and a half minutes of pure
    cringe-worthy content.

  5. theguy8432 says:

    4,122 whiny feminist liked this…kill me

  6. Crippled Ghost says:

    So this is the youtube video responsible for Benghazi

  7. Adriana Sanchez says:

    Because we are democrats and we believe in change ??

  8. HAL says:

    Way too many white women in this video, really disappointed at the lack of
    diversity smh dnc, smh.

  9. Crihs95 says:

    holy fuck i had to stop at like 30 seconds, i feel the cringe crawling up
    my back, i’m not even American but i’d totally vote Trump after this shit

  10. Yaya Jax says:


  11. Lineage2MediaCom says:

    4k likes? hillary payed for them with blood money. these celebrities are
    cringe worthy.

  12. rustling jimmies says:

    This has inspired me in so many ways. I feel enlightened and uplifted by
    this very powerful message that made me feel the love and equality in the
    world. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the store to buy some rope and a

  13. Danny Bailess says:

    I can’t stand this they stole our fight and then pretend they worked to win
    Hillary Clinton worked hard to cheat

  14. Eli E (CaptainSquiggles) says:

    Lmao all these neo cons getting upset because Hillary can get all these
    endorsements from famous people and all Donald Trump can get is KKK leaders

  15. Chris Ronald says:

    Who are all these people?

  16. BananaUnicorn says:

    trump: use song from singer that didnt give him permission
    hillary/democrats: singers vollunteer to sing themselves…

  17. Terminator 27 says:

    When did politics become soooooo cheesy?

  18. Holo Jew says:

    Spicy bois!!!!

  19. Dis Guy says:

    Wow so many celebs support Hillary. It’s almost like they live in an
    echo-chamber and have no idea how the average American lives.

  20. George West says:

    That child should not be in there at 2:30. He cannot vote and he is being
    raised as a little cuck.