Denzel Washington’s Dinner Table Has Seen Some Legends

Denzel Washington’s Dinner Table Has Seen Some Legends

Stephen asks what it will take to get an invite to ‘Equalizer 2’ star Denzel Washington’s home for dinner, which has seen the likes of Nelson Mandela, Oprah and Michael Jackson.

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61 Responses

  1. Porsche Collector says:

    Food was great. Thank you for inviting Denzel

  2. WhiteCrescent77 says:

    ‘Legends’ saw Denzel at dinner table… more of an honour i think

  3. Man O War says:

    Denzel stars as ‘Black Hu(o)nky’. I’m there.😅😅😅😅

  4. Bruce Snow says:

    Don’t know about others, but I watched Equalizer 2 today, and loved the hell out of it. Denzel was phenomenal in it, though this part is no surprise. I loved that they delved deep into character and there were great emotional scenes. Though seems like I’m the only one, but who cares…

    • Strigidae Strigiformes says:

      Dude… Nathaniel… that line had me pacing like a mad man around the room yelling, “Oh… shit… that is so dope!!!” It was as if I was at an old school cipher or sumfin’. Imma’ steal that one, *ahem* not that I am someone who goes around killing people or sumthin’. Shit… my cover is blown *changes alias* .

    • lily mendoza says:

      Genevieve Marie…movies get released early in some countries..

    • Bruce Snow says:

      Genevieve Marie where do you live in? I’m in New York and it was released today. Here you can watch new movies a day before the official release at evening after 7pm.

    • jack firmin says:

      eh cool, didnt know that! I liked Equalizer 1, just watched it a week ago…

    • ktpinnacle says:

      About 50-50 approval by the guys in ascots. But the viewers love it.

      I’m definitely there. The upstairs office scene in Equalizer 1 is one of the best fight scenes ever. From the moment he walks in the door to the moment he apologizes on the “funky floor.”

  5. johnny blaze says:

    Denzel has found the fountain of youth .

  6. James Jumper says:

    I think Denzel has always been the black Streep of the family.

  7. the king of cool says:

    Denzel is god.

    No bad words could be said against him.

    • Splash Attack TCG says:

      the king of cool Actually, Morgan Freeman is God.

    • the king of cool says:

      Splash Attack TCG god wouldn’t sexually harassed a preggo. false god.

    • Strigidae Strigiformes says:

      Got it… Morgan Freeman is Gawd. So… son of gawd then? Denzesus.Denzues? Sounds better as just Denzel Washington. That’s what how I’d refer to him all the time. “You know Denzel Washington, I didn’t know I was going to bump into Denzel Washington cause you know… Denzel Washington keep Denzel Washington’s game low key. But I’m just glad that I could run into Denzel Washington to tell Denzel Washington that Denzel Washington is smooth cool and that I’m a big fan of Denzel Washington.”

  8. Stratus Strong says:

    King Kong has nothing on him.

  9. Mr O says:

    I heard MJ loved fried chicken. (Blackness confirmed)😉

  10. Sas Man says:

    Yeah yeah Wakanda forever… Where is the money?? 😂 😂 😂

  11. Ralphie Aversa says:

    So glad these major guests are doing Colbert’s show more frequently now. Colbert’s interviews are not only watchable, they’re enjoyable. Thank you Stephen and keep up the great work!

  12. Tes Truelove says:

    No!….He doesn’t need to be a super hero character! He has Malcom X,Hurricane, book of Eli! Man of FIre! Q! The Equalizer an Equalizer 2! Those are heroic character in itself!…it’s ok if he does one tho!😁😁

    • Strigidae Strigiformes says:

      *sob* You made me shed a tear mayne. I didn’t want to name A Man on Fire because I knew I’d cry. That was one movie I SO wish had some director’s cut ending where Senor Creasy just offed every bad guy and went back with Pita to live happily ever after. After dealing with Mark Anthony’s character of course, *smiling* that role did not do my actual regard of him very well.

    • Tes Truelove says:

      Strigidae Strigiformes there’s s an alternate ending of that movie!

    • Tes Truelove says:

      Strigidae Strigiformes I love the scene where pita asked Creasy”what’s a concubine!?” The look on his face!😀 And their swimming practice! And his ST. Jude necklace😭

    • Michael Kimball says:

      I was going to say the same thing (who needs a superhero movie when you’ve done something far more impressive like The Equalizer [and I have tix for Equalizer 2 tomorrow, can’t wait!!] or Book of Eli) … btw any of you see his movie with Bob Hoskins called Heart Condition? I still love that movie, Denzel is awesome in it!

    • Tes Truelove says:

      Michael Kimball I never seen that! Beside the TV series the first denzel movie I’ve seen was” ricochet!”

  13. GJSJapan says:

    Honestly there’s no one cooler than Denzel. Game over.

  14. JamKick says:

    Living legend

  15. Anant Raman says:

    Top, top man. What a legend.

  16. Vincent Tomassi says:

    Denzel Washington is one of the best actors of all time in Hollywood.

  17. King Notsh says:

    Denzel is a legend

  18. ScarlettP says:

    Does Denzel ever age?! Man he looks incredible!

  19. jay folk says:

    denzel walks up on bosman to his biggest flick like its Training Day “chadwick. wheresmymoney?”

  20. DISCOTIQUE says:

    #4 di Trending
    Denzel Washington’s Dinner Table Has Seen Some Legends

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