Derailed Amtrak train dangles over highway in Washington

Derailed Amtrak train dangles over highway in Washington

An Amtrak passenger train derailed Monday morning, spilling multiple cars off an Interstate 5 overpass in Pierce County, Washington, according to the Washington state Department of Transportation’s Twitter account.

Injuries and casualties have been reported, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office and Amtrak said.
All southbound lanes of the interstate are closed due to the derailment and the sight stunned motorists heading to work.

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79 Responses

  1. Shadow_Owl242 says:

    This is something I thought would only happen in superhero movies

  2. David Symer says:

    America’s infrastructure lmfaoooo

    • Open Eyes And Ears says:

      David Symer : Good comment !
      I am a retired railroad conductor (41 yrs). Our country’s rail system should have progressed and been built up since the seventies to become an integral part of transportation in this country. But ,no, it has gone through the typical political BS and destruction by the politicians and other outside interest groups. Think about all of the major traffic grid lock now. A little progress in our rail systems over the years could have releived some of the current traffic headaches. Going to take a long time to catch up to other countries that have excellent public transportation. I’ll never see it in my lifetime…

    • ar ar says:

      David Symer amtrak and the city have put millions into updating. this was said to be caused by a car on the tracks. usually its a sleepy or speeding operator. mo ey doesnt fix everything. but if you all want change, refuse to ride.

    • Zhenren Zhou says:

      They just finished investing money to upgrade these tracks.. And today is the first day this new route begins its service.. Has nothing to do with your statement.

    • K J says:

      There is nothing in this initial report suggesting infrastructure is at fault… would advise waiting for the details to surface before “lmfao’ing”.

    • Tewthpaste says:

      *its made in China. like 99% of everything in the U.S.A is made in China.*

  3. Darrius Poitier says:

    Poor Thomas, I hope you feel better

  4. Eisa Razzak says:

    Looks like Thomas gave up in life

  5. pointmanzero says:

    Republicans refuse to pay for infrastructure. This is the result.

  6. Manny Der says:

    “Labrat” is getting famous today
    “Amtrak” is up to their old tricks again. In the 90’s, it seemed like Amtrak was crashing every week

    • Carlos Leyva says:

      America is a shithole get over it everything was built by slaves and immigrants so of course everything was shitty built Europe is superior to garbage America

    • Jose Bravo says:

      They don’t want to put rail travel out of business. The rail systems in the united states has been functioning between a small selection of companies, mostly for freight. Amtrak brings in a good amount of money for the government, but they don’t invest anything back because of greedy fucks. Instead of “build a wall” or “drain the swamp” a better patriotic slogan would have been “fix the rail system and update it”. We only have two high speed rail systems in the US that are not nearly as fast as the ones in Japan or Germany. Even the one in Cali won’t be as fast. These car and oil companies have come together to rip everyone off here in the U.S. of better public transportation because of their greedy asses.

    • Jose Bravo says:

      Europe was built from the blood of slaves as well. Most of the churches and chateaus are stained with the blood of slaves and poor white servants.

    • Sickle Dick says:

      +Carlos Leyva Like no other countries have ever done that?! That was two centuries ago you stupid ignorant whore! You’re just a bitter cunt who hates America because its a fucking trend, and you’re willing to be a ignorant as possible to get your shit across. what about Germany under Hitler’s rule? what about England during the revolutionary age? what about Arabian countries bombing their own people? if you think any of that is okay because its not America you should drown yourself you ignorant slut.

    • Sickle Dick says:

      +Carlos Leyva not to mention I’m sure your little kid ass lives in America anyway, so sit down and shut the fuck up with your illegitimate halfass arguments.

  7. CLASHER090 says:

    I blame Mr. Incredible

  8. Gogo M says:

    Hopefully everyone is safe.

  9. GTI Racer Seth says:

    CNN is fake

    • GTI Racer Seth says:

      Anita Williams-Logan lol never watched a sci/fi movie in my life. Not a movie person. I much more enjoy living a life without a TV in my face 24/7

    • GDI says:

      kill yourself

    • GTI Racer Seth says:

      Richard Darlington yeah 2008 Volkswagen Gti. Love it super fun car. Although I am getting a new car soon. It’s between a 2013 Volkswagen golf R, or a 2010 Mercedes AMG C-63. Big fan of German Cars

    • GTI Racer Seth says:

      GDI um why would you want anyone to do that? That’s a bit inhuman. Wow I think you should sit down and consider what you say before you say something that harsh to someone. You know people go to jail over that now in days.

    • Fire Water says:

      GTI Racer Seth just stop…you failed

  10. S W says:

    Very sad. Another item of note is we spend untold billions overseas occupying foreign lands and generally terrorizing other parts of the world and we have failed to focus on our own country. It is shameful and an embarrassment.

    • mineerthegamer says:

      S W and the world is more stable than ever because of it and ocean based trading is actually safe and universal because of those billions making the world a better place for commerce and international relations.

      But no one wants to talk about the good those occupations do or how many of them are really really liked and how many of them have made wars strategically unfeesbale in Europe and Asia. Nope all bad evil merica, Israel is super Hitler.

    • Zhenren Zhou says:

      S W dude. They just invested millions upgradeding these tacks and today is its first day of service.. Do some research before spewing your garbage.

    • Courtney Ruiz says:

      what the fuck are you even saying? you are totally clueless my friend.

    • Angel of Death says:

      That’s because we had eight years of Obama who did not give a flying shit about America! He destroyed this country.

    • Joyce Vaughn says:

      S W he said ic tbere was a zafety issue really go figure at the speed of light blessings

  11. ContentCatastrophes says:

    Looks like Ajit pais life

  12. Molino Eric says:

    hopefully the dead are trump voters

  13. jewelt25 says:

    Ppl on this feed are fuck-tards! I hope there were no loss of
    Lives. Smh

  14. nobody nobody says:

    U S, can’t even make a train that doesn’t derail . what a joke .

    • Sickle Dick says:

      +Carlos Leyva do you ever think that maybe fascism and discrimination is actually lower and more shallow then the country you hate? Do you seriously think you are better then a whole country and all it’s people? you are a shallow horrible person, and therefore you have no place to talk down on anyone.

    • HankB1993 says:

      Thousands of trains from freight to passenger voyage across the United States daily for many thousands of miles and have been for decades but one derails in an accident and suddenly “U.s CaNt EvEn MakE a TrAiN tHaT dOeSnT dErAiL”
      Fuck off, The only joke here is you and your garbage comment.

    • nobody nobody says:

      HankB1993 Fuck you back ass hole , 1st high speed train , can’t get it right , suck my Dick faglips. Sorry just in a bad mood.

    • Insttinctzz says:

      nobody nobody dont hate us cuz u aint us

    • HankB1993 says:

      nobody nobody What are you talking about “first high speed train?” High speed passenger trains have been in operation in the US for quite a while now. We have one in our town that’s been in operation for about a decade. Accidents happen, that’s why you’re here lol. 😉

  15. GarfieldTheCatWhoLikesLasagna says:

    Dammit. Alright who let Thomas the train drink vodka?

  16. James Rae says:

    Expecting an Alex Jones video soon… “The train isn’t real; they’re all crisis actors. #fakenews “

  17. sadman ahmed says:

    naic news

  18. Haley Marie says:

    I live 20 minutes away from the scene and heading to donate blood.

  19. marinette nina gamer Sandy says:

    Holi no se como entre aqui pero nada mal aunque no entienda mucho

  20. Lieutenant Prick says:

    Stop sending billions of dollars overseas to countries who secretly hate us. Use the money to fix our crumbling infrastructure and failing school systems.

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