Destiny 2: Forsaken – Season of Opulence Trailer

Destiny 2: Forsaken – Season of Opulence Trailer

What will you find in the Emperor’s Lost Vaults?

Welcome to the Season of Opulence.

Travel to a new part of the Leviathan to uncover its hidden treasure-filled Catacombs.

For every player of Destiny 2, Season of Opulence will bring new rewards and challenges.

As ranks in Crucible, Gambit, and Vanguard activities reset, new pinnacle weapons are available for players to reach their maximum potential.

Across the spectrum of action and activity, players can earn more Power, Triumphs, lore, and vanity.

Learn more about Season of Opulence:



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70 Responses

  1. Northyy says:

    Is that the blink helmet from D1?????? For warlocks???!!

  2. YourOnlyHope says:

    ‘Can’t grow fat from strength if you’re already fat’
    – Every nice guy 2019

  3. Tim O'Hara says:

    New 6 player activity AND a Raid?
    They’re doing a thing I like the sound of

  4. Daniel Garcia says:

    here comes the 10 minute break down of a 58 second video lmfao

  5. Dredgen Ryx says:

    Oh this trailer had me rewinding tryna see if I could piece places together lol

  6. Dirtti says:

    *Everyone talking about Truth and “Hawkmoon”

    That D1 warlock helmet: Am I a joke to you?

    • Ahnock says:

      +Ukrijima not even that lmfao, it literally just increased your regeneration and lowered the time for your radar to come back after blink, basically just removing the nerf they had put on it as the exotic came out

    • heciluss says:

      +Trial_With_An_Error ikr really lacking in the warlock department.

    • heciluss says:

      +DrinkMixr lumina is the rose, you can clearly tell from the design, the other hand cannon, well I don’t know yet might be hawk moon or just a reward using the hawkmoon model.

    • N T says:

      Isnt that “truth” at 0:34

  7. Radazuken says:

    *Is the narrator the long lost brother of darkest dungeons narrator or something? His voice is damn fine.*

  8. Keaton Spell says:

    Literally, yesterday, as I was wasting away at the hands of sweats, I said, “I miss the Truth. This Bad Omen’s tracker isn’t bad, but I want something more aggressive.” Thank Bungo for giving me one of my favorite exotics.
    0:34 pause here

  9. Zakariyyah Adil says:

    58 second trailer from bungie

    Houndish: HEY WHAT IS UP GUYS

    1% I clicked so fast

  10. john hu says:

    i could already see why they nerf sleeper and the super generating armors from 2 clips they’ve shown

    • John DeBenedetto says:

      john hu I was thinking the same thing. Did you also see what looked like Panoptes and maybe Golgoroth? ???

    • john hu says:

      +John DeBenedetto yep that panoptes lookalike boss is probably the sleeper nerf reason and those groups of goblins is probably the super armor nerfs

    • Insert Something Stupid says:

      +john hu panoptes isnt a hydra

    • john hu says:

      +Insert Something Stupid i know i mean i think you get the point im trying to make

  11. SoaR BeNNi says:

    Despite the Fact this Looked EVEN Better than Season 5 and 6 Trailer himself
    I ll give it a try….

  12. TheBlackLink says:

    Looks like our Vault heist in the old Tower sparked a flame.

  13. Creased 11 says:

    Can’t wait for the 22 minute KackisHD video

  14. Richie says:

    Rick cactus here with a 20 minute long video on a 1 minute trailer

  15. Al3xNdR_GR3ek says:

    Got to hand it to Bungie if there is something they have perfected is their soundtracks…this one was absolutely epic!!!

  16. TopHat Cat says:

    Huh, they’re building hype a week before the release.

    Instead of a day before release.

  17. Julio Ortiz says:

    Bad Omens: I track pretty good, I guess.

    Roar of the Bear: I’m faster tho.

    Truth: Hold my beer…

    • Quria Blade transform says:

      Two tailed fox: I shoot 2 rockets, one void and one solar

    • Nomad says:

      i guess you could say thats the *Truth*

    • Hamana-K says:

      bungie probly releases it super nerfed, it seems like thats what they do to exotics now instead of actually balancing them. also instead of making new exotics they keep bringing back old ones lol if Destiny 3 ever happens we will probly see all D1 and D2 exotics again too lol

    • Nomad says:

      +Hamana-K reminds me of dark souls 3 lmao

  18. 3p1cC4nuck says:

    Finally, more content exploring the Emperor. His lore and background is mad underrated. The story alone of this season will get me interested again hopefully.

    • 3p1cC4nuck says:

      +kolz4ever1980 yeeeeaaa that’s exactly what someone who doesn’t know anything about him would say. It’s not that much of your fault, any direct story (i.e. dialogue) from bungo doesn’t hint at much at all, but that assumption gets destroyed after even just a couple lore tabs. His raid to test us if we’re worthy of a future cause he’s planning, his potential meeting with the Nine, his foreshadowing of a whole new unknown enemy that could bring together light AND dark forces. Shit, even just his connections w/ Gaul give him a deeper part than D1’s vanilla boss. Calus is more involved in the plot than Atheon ever was lol.

    • kolz4ever1980 says:

      +3p1cC4nuck exactly if he’s not directly tied in to the games story then im not gonna give a shit about and just think of him as another random boss battle for gear. No story in the game so why would i go out of my way to learn about him if they Didnt Care to make him an actual part of the story i was on?

    • 3p1cC4nuck says:

      +kolz4ever1980 I never said he’s not directly tied in to the story. You just don’t grasp the full reach of his involvement from what Bungie presents. But they still present at least something.

      Back to the original point, he’s not underrated cause he has “jack shit to do with the game”. (Shit, he’s foreshadowed as many paths for Destiny’s long term future as Riven/The Queen). People just treat him like you do as a loot generator, yet they love Atheon (don’t get twisted, I liked him too) even though he *actually* had no involvement in anything. Not even dialogue or a name drop.

    • How Nobady says:

      We will meet him

    • xXTriforceKingXx says:

      kolz4ever1980 not true. If you read the lore than was literally available in the base game, you would understand how important he is going to be in the future.

  19. Noah says:

    Choosing your own rewards sounds so good. I just don’t use certain weapon types…ever. Hopefully now I can get less of those.

  20. Ima end this man's whols bloodline says:

    bungie: *Exists*
    Rick: *Makes 20 minute videos*

    • II NA7HAN II says:

      Ima end this man’s whols bloodline whatsssssssss upppppppp guyssssss kickkkkkk kkkkkkackkkkis here

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