Destiny 2: Lightfall – Launch Trailer

Destiny 2: Lightfall – Launch Trailer

The Witness and its newest disciple are here. Begin a journey that will reveal the hidden threads that bind us, the ability to unravel them, and the mastery to weave them anew. With this new power in hand, find strength in your fellow Guardians and triumph in the face of annihilation.


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Dive into the free-to-play world of Destiny 2 to experience responsive first-person shooter combat, explore the mysteries of our solar system, and unleash elemental abilities against powerful enemies. Create your Guardian and collect unique weapons, armor, and gear to customize your look and playstyle. Experience Destiny 2’s cinematic story alone or with friends, join other Guardians for challenging co-op missions, or compete against them in a variety of PvP modes.

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34 Responses

  1. Fulldrag7802 says:

    Seeing the Ghost AND Guardian get sliced into pieces with the simple flick of the Witness’ wrist sent chills down my spine, man. The power they have is insane! Also, the beam the Traveler is what the Witness was inside of in the other trailer, it wasn’t lightspeed travel. Witness literally ate that full beam like it was nothing. We are fucked

    • Sentinel-Wraith says:

      Find other powers to use. Supposedly the Witness was unaware of Strand despite it being Darkness. I think Mara Sov also has an Ahamkara egg, as well.

    • Poofy Peanut02 says:

      @Magos Marekius hmmm 🤔

    • Magos Marekius says:

      Now we’ve seen everything on the prophecy wall except for “Witness kills blank”

    • Gwynbleidd says:

      Pretty chilling moment… The light on the Ghost eye just going out, the Guardian looking to his Ghost as they both start to split… These cutscenes are gonna be nuts. Oh and it was 3 ships. We just got a close up of what was happening to all 3. 3 guardians wiped out with the flick of its wrist.

    • Poofy Peanut02 says:

      Bro I got goosebumps seeing the ghost

  2. Gregm0307 says:

    I have never had a game that have me chills when watching trailers or in game cut scenes but bungie has been at it non stop, I’m so ready for light fall

  3. Chaos xZero says:

    Though my journey came to an end, I look forward to watching you all succeed. It was a hell of a ride but I’m getting too old to keep up and my health won’t allow me to play anymore. Eyes up Guardians.

  4. Larva Tuba Show says:

    Seeing the Traveller firing that beam of light at the end brings back my faith in it.

  5. Bradley Woods says:

    This is gonna be insane and let’s not forgot there is still another DLC after this called the final shape. Can’t wait to see bungie wrap up this story they have been building for 10 years now, all that hard work and dedication is about to pay of big time.

  6. Blake Eggleston says:

    Bro the witness does such a good job of personifying the traveler, the way it speaks to the traveler on such a personal level makes me believe that the traveler is truly afraid

  7. Alter says:

    The Traveler shooting the pyramid ship was easily the coolest part of the trailer. It really reminds me of how the Tree of Silver Wings looked.

  8. JanMichealVincent says:

    This trailer is SIIIIICK. 

    Also, to all of the developers and engineers on call and working over time to bring us this expansion, you do not go unnoticed and this community is very thankful for what you are doing. 

    This trailer gave me goose bumps.

  9. Voups says:

    I’m so glad that for the Witness’s first real in game appearance they’re just having it come out swinging, no holds barred

  10. Lucas Blanchard says:

    So does The Witness want to turn the whole Traveler into a massive Ghost in order to resurrect something unbelievably horrible?! Also I thought the image of The Witness moving through space was just cinematic symbolic imagery, but it literally does that, that’s awesome! And the song is a cover of “Karma Police” by Radiohead, but I’m not sure who’s performing this version. This expansion is going to be INSANE!

    • BLO0DY SMILES says:

      Being all the Witness wants is for this “game” to be over. No I don’t think so

    • Rushboard Technologies says:

      @Devin wolken I agree. I hope they release the Lightfall remix standalone.

    • AutistiCat2406 says:

      I don’t think it’s turning it into a ghost, I think ghosts are based off what it’s turning into
      The traveler is fearful and secretive, we know so little about the ghosts still I think this will finally shine some light (pun intended) on it

    • MD 81 says:

      I WAS GONNA MAKE THIS COMMENT AND GLAD SOMEONE DID! The pyramids around the traveler looked JUST like a giant ghost with the traveler as the core!

    • Devin wolken says:

      I think the cover of this is by tribal blood.

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