Developer Update | Symmetra Redesign | Overwatch

Developer Update | Symmetra Redesign | Overwatch

Game director Jeff Kaplan discusses Symmetra’s redesign, detailing the adjustments and improvements that are currently being tested, along with an overview of her brand new Ultimate ability. He also comments on the release time line for Oasis, Overwatch’s new Control Map, and teases an upcoming feature.

00:20 – Big changes to Symmetra
01:33 – Symmetra Redesign: Quality of Life
02:04 – Symmetra Redesign: Ultimate Ability changes
04:30 – Symmetra Redesign: Photon Barrier (NEW Ability)
06:02 – Symmetra Redesign: Sentry Turret changes
07:24 – Symmetra Redesign: Primary fire & secondary fire changes
08:03 – PTR feedback request
09:26 – Oasis (NEW Map)
10:31 – “Stay With Group” (NEW Social Feature)
11:36 – Jeff thanks the community

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20 Responses

  1. iSh0tYou99 says:

    Guess I’ll be the first to mention it. It’s cool that they’re adding the
    feature to stick with a group of players you had success with into the next
    match without having to add them to your friends list.

  2. Audi Thief says:

    My favorite part about the 1v1 playlist is having a symmetry fight. Nothing
    happens, an easy draw ;)

  3. Bıg Bøss says:

    Can you make it possible in anyway to 1v1 your friends.

  4. Sarf says:

    Sym !!! So glad my fave’s getting some love.

  5. Smurf This says:

    OMG YES im a SYM MAIN ! and IM HYPE i was going to sswitch to Sombra but
    she WAY too hard right now.. with her Gun bing too weak and i know she”s
    good im not saying she bad but she more of a u MUST SNEAK and get 1st Shoot
    and make ALL UR SHOOT hit its Mark or your dead Kinda Hero right now.. so
    yea.. im GOING BACK TO SYM if this Work’s out ^__- SO HYPE!!

  6. simplicityisgreen says:

    Ladies and Gents… this video is yet another example of how Blizzard and
    the Overwatch Team are the pinnacles of modern game development. Effective
    problem solving through drawing board re-design to address community
    feedback, communication of proper listening and understanding of that
    community feedback, strongest emphasis on what feels “fun” and “fair” to
    play, direct invitation of the individual gamer to the drawing board
    through feedback. Listen to Jeff at the start of this video. “My name is
    Jeff, I’m one of the developers on the Overwatch Team.” So humble he
    doesn’t say “I’m the Overwatch Game Director.” Your hard-earned money is in
    the right hands when it goes to a team like this. They do not disappoint.

  7. Arcticnerd says:

    The problems with Symmetra had nothing to do with how players viewed her
    and everything to do with her design. Let’s be clear here.

  8. Gaming Pal Ollie says:

    Best non MMORPG online game, period.
    The developers are so dedicated and genuinely love the game, its world and
    care for their player base, they have an almost indie developer approach to
    Overwatch, it’s amazing
    I don’t play Symmetra but that’s ok, it doesn’t matter, what matters is the
    sheer dedication you guys show and the time and effort you put into
    carefully crafting every aspect of this game with so much love.

  9. Beginner Gaming (IBallistick007) says:

    Can you place both shield generator and teleported or is the shield
    generater like the teleporter it stops ult charge

  10. Suwan Yi says:

    Jeff’s nose is very aSYMMETRical

  11. Seway Kah says:

    Since we are all doing jokes. How does Symmetra keep her car smelling
    fresh? She puts a scent-tree on her mirror.

  12. Kalen Green says:

    I genuinely love Jeff Kaplan. He seem like such a genuine and nice guy

  13. CreditR01 says:

    Honestly I think these changes sound great. I don’t main as her or anything
    but I’d love to play as her more with her enhanced abilities.

  14. AryaDelRey says:

    Am i the only symmetra main around here?

  15. The Wolf Within says:

    Ult: Still got teleporter, but can also choose shield generator
    Reinhard shield that travels on a set path
    Left click and right click is the same, bit more range on laser.
    Still got turrets

  16. Nintendaz says:

    having a character rebuilt feels really cool.
    also, thank you for the new feature. will it only be in quickplay? or in
    comp as well?

  17. CreepCrafter says:

    Heres Something, Sombra can hack a teleport or ult and shields are gone.
    Problem solved! ez counter.

  18. Hiro Mahtava says:

    can you change her to defense hero from support hero?

  19. Maccolm Leong says:

    i was hoping she would have different types of turrets :(

  20. noobslayer135 says:

    I wouldn’t say Symmetra is my main, but I do have quite a few hours played
    with her, and this excites me