Devin Reveals Her Unpopular Opinion • Hot Takes • LadyLike

Devin Reveals Her Unpopular Opinion • Hot Takes • LadyLike

Devins reveals her hot takes!

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Valentine’s day
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Emoji provided free by http://emojione.comBoyfriend proposing and giving engagement ring at a meadow during picnic
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74 Responses

  1. Briana Oliver says:

    I meannn….she’s not wrong lol. Engagement photos seem really redundant. Especially for a couple that’s also going to take wedding photos too. I personally dont see the point in both. Take the standard “engagement ring strategically placed in front of camera” photo and call it a day. Im unsure what the purpose of a photoshoot weeks after the engagement is for.

    • Melissa T. says:

      It actually gives the photographer a chance to take photos of the couple and see what poses work best for them. Personally I would never want the only photos that someone takes of me be on the actual day of.

    • Melissa T. says:

      +Raena-Willow Deveruoix We had the same experience. I am so awkward in photos and do weird things with my hands and slouch and it’s just awful. The photographer was able to see what weird things we did and correct them on the day of, so it was completely worth it to me. We got beautiful photographs because we had the “practice run” beforehand.

    • T. D says:

      +John Rapp my wedding day photos weren’t any stress at all.??‍♀️

  2. butterflyprincssus says:

    Maybe Devin is wearing that shirt because she’s spilling the T?

  3. brittannie burris says:

    Okay as a photographer, I’m just trying to eat and capture your memories. Also, yes, my engagement photos are apart of my wedding package. And they are essentially announcement photos after the actual Engagement and are typically sent out with the invitation!

  4. janoskilm says:

    I’m a professional photographer and I agree with a few points like the social media aspect but engagement pics are not a scam. Photographers don’t force them on people, they are usually a complimentary part of their wedding package and even when they are not most clients want them. My hot take: Devin as much as I love ya, you’re being a real bitter betty. If these photos make the couple happy then leave it at that. We need more love and happiness in the world. The photos are not for you they are for the couple. If you don’t like them that’s fine, just keep scrolling your feed and move on. ?‍♀️

    • Carol Murray says:

      janoskilm I got you, girl! It is the cheapest because it’s all digital now. No more are the dark ages of the dark room (there go my puns again)! It’s funny when potential clients ask about bottom line pricing and discounts because they’re price shopping. I’m not mad- I did the same when I got married. But, I got what I paid for and hindsight is 20/20. I understand about the profile picture clients- I just stick to my little families and couples. LOL.

      And- I was once the “friend with a good DSLR”! I loved it so much that I went to school for it (NYIP and Demos), took business classes, posing courses and attend annual conventions and I only do this part time.

      Hot take is getting some hot tea! ?

    • Tiana Matson says:

      Fellow photographer, I totally agree!!! I do mostly family portraits and occasional engagements. I steer as far away from weddings as possible. But yeah, I totally agree!

    • Mikayla N says:

      Calling women bitter and petty is so tired

    • Shelby .N says:

      Strong agree, this whole argument came off as super bratty and whiny. Normally I like her but the way she was talking/behaving in this video….yikes. Just scroll past it isn’t that difficult.

    • Squeezie_ B says:

      ViolinChick5 People didn’t have engagement photos at all decades prior, so mind not hurting yourself with that reach.

  5. Haley Holland says:

    I got my pictures for free from my cousin… WITH HER PHONE and they are fantastic

    • Anne Hellwig says:

      Wow good for you boo?

    • Emily Meyer says:

      Haley Holland I hardcore thought engagement photos was just like the moment u get engaged u take the picture lol

    • natasha krywald says:

      +Emily Meyer Same haha! I didn’t even know that photographers do engagement photos! I captured that genuine moment of surprise, with the waiter at the restaurant on a camera phone, for free haha!

  6. Jessica Lord says:

    haha, yea I kinda agree with Devin though. I would love to see engagement photos of people sitting on the couch watching Netflix rather than people on a beach at 5am

    • Erin McMillan says:

      Jessica Lord I love unique photos that show the quirky personalities of the couples. Later on my fiancé and I want to take some of us as favorite characters, but we will do it on our own as a special project. Our engagement photos were $80 and very simply us in 50’s garb. We had one prop, a snarky but apt card my mom gave us.

    • Jessica Lord says:

      +Erin McMillan haha I like that it’s very cute and meaningful

  7. Hermits Lullaby says:

    Devin you have made me love you so much more! I have never watched anything so accurate

  8. Tanya Price says:

    Agreed. But I think nearly all wedding hoopla is a scam.

  9. Twenty One Panicked Pilots At The Disco says:

    People shouldn’t post EVERY LITTLE THING on Facebook and Instagram…. They just shouldn’t….

  10. Kendall Mooney says:

    I dislike pregnant belly photos. ?creeps me out!

    • Brooke 76 says:

      +Diane Pettigrew a girl I worked with carried hers (yes, the actual pee stick) around with her in her pocket showing everyone all week long.

    • Natalie Eddy says:

      I’m okay with those, it’s the pregnant belly casts that creep me out. Like….why..why..why? What exactly does one do with a plaster cast of a pregnant belly?? Mount it on the wall in the baby’s room? *shudder* Party size chip bowl? I just don’t understand..?

    • Shelby Reid says:

      I like the pregnancy belly pictures that you take at home to say look how much the baby is growing I hate the ones where they’re in a long flowy dress in the meadow with their belly out or they’re half naked with their belly out and they’re like a goddess or something

  11. Sharon R. S. Diaz says:

    Agree. My (now) husband proposed when we were out on a date, we took a few selfies of us and the ring during our happy moment, and kept it moving. Lol Photographers (while I find very talented and useful for some occassions) can be way too expensive for broke folk, and I believe the money can be put to better use than engagement photos, IMO.

  12. MissMargaret says:

    We didn’t do engagement photos. Still married 17 years later. Just money we didn’t want to spend.

    • Louise Louise says:

      MissMargaret married 9 years and I totally wish we had engagement photos ?

    • Valeria Rivas says:

      We used ours for the save the dates and it came with the wedding package ?‍♀️

    • Traci Palmer says:

      11 years married and counting, never took engagement photos amd don’t regret it. Had plenty of beautiful pics taken the day of and that was more important to us.

    • *cough* It's BTS says:

      I think they’re ok if you don’t hire like an actual photographer for them…

    • Melody Richard says:

      I dont think they are necessary either. We just paid a friend who was studying photography as a tip to encourage her and practice on us for her school portfolio.. Otherwise we didnt plan on having any!

  13. psyche100 says:

    I agree with Devin. Engagement photos are ridiculous and just one more thing people try to get you to spend money on. Its like one more thing people have to ‘preform’ for social media and the camera.

    • Valeria Rivas says:

      psyche100 engagement photos are for save the dates, guest books and just nice pictures to have like to hang on the walls of your house a long with wedding photos not everything is done for social media or to get likes on Instagram

    • Squeezie_ B says:

      Valeria Rivas Nah, the rise of engagement photos started at the advent of social media.

  14. Mochi Tea says:

    I completely 100% agree with Devin. Go girl❤️

  15. mrs generik says:

    I have always felt engagement photos were fake and way too staged. I have only seen a handful that actual make me say YES that is what love looks like or OMG you can see how much they love each other. So I agree with Devin 100%. I am not anti pictures just anti staged, ridiculously expensive photos that dont show your version of love towards your partner.

    • janoskilm says:

      Not all photographers do staged photos. There are tons like myself that are actually not into that at all and want genuine real moments that let their personalities and love for each other shine through. Perhaps you just haven’t seen photos from a good photographer yet?

    • Madison L says:

      +janoskilm Agreed. Our photographer got some absolutely GORGEOUS pictures of my fiancé and I on Oahu, they were not posed at all, very natural and dreamy. ?

  16. Markwentsleightlymad says:

    I think the whole thing is symptomatic of a larger problem with people’s lives being weighted towards their wedding as soon as they get engaged. They ultimately care more and put more time and effort into their wedding than they do to their marriage. Engagement photos aren’t any more of a scam than wedding photos, wedding bands (the musical kind), calligraphers, invitations, tuxedos and wedding dresses. My own engagement was 8 months long, the entire wedding party was 8 people (including my wife & I) and they only found out about it 4 weeks beforehand. The whole day came in at about £1,000 including the casting of our rings, marriage licence fee and dinner. Everyone had a fantastic day because WE GOT MARRIED!

  17. HollehMae says:

    Thankfully I can’t relate as a Brit (engagement photos, pregnancy photos, wedding showers and gender reveals aren’t common)

    • Laura Shankland says:

      +T. D As another fellow Brit, it’s true. Like proms and baby showers, everything will move over here soon enough.

    • HollehMae says:

      T. D fuck my life ?

    • Asa Conroy says:

      Gender reveal parties aren’t that common in the USA as thought to be I think. Mostly a certain type of people really do it. It might be more popular nowadays for attention-seeking people lol. They used to be just lumped in as a baby shower activity or some people sent like an announcement card or just did a phone call.

    • ScorpioRising says:

      That must be nice…it’s so obnoxious, tbh.

    • HollehMae says:

      ScorpioRising the events or my comment?

  18. Peachy Ais says:

    I think Kristan disagrees because she took engagement photos

  19. Kelly R. says:

    I feel like a lot of wedding culture is waaaayyyy too overpriced and is normalized by society. Like dropping $2K+ on a dress that’ll you never wear again, inviting everyone and their uncle that you haven’t seen since you were 5 instead of the just the people that actually matter, going way over the top with the venue, etc. Like yes it should be a special and wonderful day/night but like in the US the ave. wedding cost $25K and that’s just too much.

    • tori brooker says:

      U get wat u pay for ….ur paying for up too a 100 editted photos plus experience

    • Samantha P says:

      Riggghhhhtttt…..mine was maybe 1k altogether with plane tickets. I got my dress from one of those tourist shops near the beach (a white sarong) like the day before. People told me it was one of their favorite weddings they had ever been to because it wasn’t traditional and so relaxed.

  20. Dinah Diaz says:

    I have a pretty intense opinion about this. My best friend was about to get married and got really beautiful engagement photos. Two weeks before the wedding, her fiancé was killed in a car accident. The photos they got for the engagement were the last pictures they have together. I think if you want pictures to immortalize your marriage before it happens, you should. Treasuring moments together isn’t for other people, it’s for the people getting married.

    • recoil53 says:

      Yes, this is an very happy moment for most people. Why not remember it?

    • Valeria Rivas says:

      Thank you! Not everything is for social media and just to get likes

    • Madison L says:

      +recoil53 Exactly! It is a very happy moment and people who are not jealous of others would be happy that the couple gets to celebrate their engagement and their love for each other.

    • Hoàng Minh Nguyễn says:

      the thing is these should be meant as memories, not as facebook and instagram photos. i agree with you, but i don’t think devin was wrong

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