Did a Bad Call Rob the New Orleans Saints of a Playoff Victory? | The Daily Show

Did a Bad Call Rob the New Orleans Saints of a Playoff Victory? | The Daily Show

Roy Wood Jr. unpacks the fallout from the referees’ infamously bad call during the Saints-Rams playoff game.

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73 Responses

  1. Martisz Legal office says:

    One more free sandwich haha

  2. BizWiz says:

    *I just got back from New Orleans for a business trip. You can cut the tension in the air with a knife.*
    _Yes, the are indeed PISSED. That might be an understatement._

  3. Daniel Fountain says:

    And we’re all still asking why didn’t the Seahawks run the ball?

    • twisted tree says:

      Greatest Superbowl ending ever!

    • MackMainSupreme's Down Souf Muzik says:

      That shit was fixed 2 let the Patriots win that year, they RAN the ball 2 the goal line and Pete told Russell 2 pass on 2nd down GTFOH. Sports is so MFin’ rigged I’m about through with it all 2gether.

    • Terrence Whitehurst says:

      The Reason Is *RACISM*, I know “Ytpipo” don’t wanna hear that but Seattle did *NOT* Want: Revolutionary,Non Standing for the anthem,Non Interviewing,Dreadlocked,Thugged Out,Black Economics Advocate,Calls EVERY Black Peeson African, Oakland O.G.,Don’t Give a Fuck,”Beastmode” to be the MVP & Face of The Team Even if He was The *BEST* Back’ That Season..!! They would rather have:Soft Spoken,Beige,Christian,whyte jesus Praying,Humble,Good Boy R.Wilson Be That…So They Let Um’ Toss it & Sodomized Themselves Out Of Another Ring..& Fuck Em For It..? Lol..!?!

    • Nutty Mofo says:

      +MackMainSupreme’s Down Souf Muzik I’ve been saying this for a few years now and people treat me like I’m crazy. You dont pass on second down at the 2 or 3 yard line when you have fucking mar shawn lynch! I’ll tell you this…I’m done watching the nfl. I’ll go see local high school games if I need a football fix.

    • nicholas cabassa says:

      Saints should have run it. If they had, they’d be in the super bowl. Basic coaching 101.


    ?You got the right to put your treasonous Confederate flag up I have the right to take a knee USA USA

  5. Don Budha says:

    Roywood Jr. Is hilarious?

  6. Asa Coe says:

    The 2016 election, Beep, watch the replay. The popular vote should have won.

  7. Star Cherry says:

    More outrage over this than the election results

  8. Mohamed Ahmed Dahir says:

    Roy gets 20% raise and so does the ref ?that was hilarious ?

  9. Jack Crassus says:

    *Fire Roger Goodell* ?

  10. Abdessamad O. says:

    That replay thing is in black mirror

  11. Dreyomi says:

    I don’t even know what happened…and I’m also pissed ???

  12. Syk says:

    That 20% thing… epic! Love multiple layers in jokes.

  13. Esmeralda Claros says:

    Hahaha “this is tied with Hurricane Katrina” ?

  14. EDDY says:

    Emotional trauma, loss of enjoyment of life, elevated blood pressure, lowered sperm count, suicidal thoughts, irregular bowel movements, dry mouth,

  15. El hermanos says:

    If that would have happened to the patriots they would have replayed the whole game

  16. Quinn Farris says:

    I wish everyone who reads this a great day <3

  17. DarkSchneider says:

    To Protesting Saints Fans: Where were ur billboards + signatures when the whole country got robbed in 2016!?

  18. Brandon Davidson says:

    “Oh, you heard that grand-daddy died? Well, let’s have a parade!” New Orleans does it right.

  19. TheDisneyLover58 says:

    I’m living New Orleans…. yeah they are beyond pissed.

  20. Regulus Ark says:

    So I can sue people for “loss of enjoyment”? And “emotional trauma”?

    *calling a lawyer*

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