Did a Bad Call Rob the New Orleans Saints of a Playoff Victory? | The Daily Show

Did a Bad Call Rob the New Orleans Saints of a Playoff Victory? | The Daily Show

Roy Wood Jr. unpacks the fallout from the referees’ infamously bad call during the Saints-Rams playoff game.

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73 Responses

  1. Martisz Legal office says:

    One more free sandwich haha

  2. BizWiz says:

    *I just got back from New Orleans for a business trip. You can cut the tension in the air with a knife.*
    _Yes, the are indeed PISSED. That might be an understatement._

    • Jimmy Swenson says:

      I’m from Minnesota. New Orleans stole the 2009 Superbowl playoff games from The Vikings. Deal with it lol

    • Animo et Prudentia says:

      +Jimmy Swenson I don’t disagree, but the saints don’t have the power to do that, only the architects of the league have the influence to accomplish that.

    • Todd Beaulieu says:

      I don’t blame them.

    • skbwolverine says:

      Some if my family down there are season ticket holders. They are not happy people right now. I honestly think they need therapy for PTSD. Smh.

  3. Daniel Fountain says:

    And we’re all still asking why didn’t the Seahawks run the ball?

    • twisted tree says:

      Greatest Superbowl ending ever!

    • MackMainSupreme's Down Souf Muzik says:

      That shit was fixed 2 let the Patriots win that year, they RAN the ball 2 the goal line and Pete told Russell 2 pass on 2nd down GTFOH. Sports is so MFin’ rigged I’m about through with it all 2gether.

    • Terrence Whitehurst says:

      The Reason Is *RACISM*, I know “Ytpipo” don’t wanna hear that but Seattle did *NOT* Want: Revolutionary,Non Standing for the anthem,Non Interviewing,Dreadlocked,Thugged Out,Black Economics Advocate,Calls EVERY Black Peeson African, Oakland O.G.,Don’t Give a Fuck,”Beastmode” to be the MVP & Face of The Team Even if He was The *BEST* Back’ That Season..!! They would rather have:Soft Spoken,Beige,Christian,whyte jesus Praying,Humble,Good Boy R.Wilson Be That…So They Let Um’ Toss it & Sodomized Themselves Out Of Another Ring..& Fuck Em For It..? Lol..!?!

    • Nutty Mofo says:

      +MackMainSupreme’s Down Souf Muzik I’ve been saying this for a few years now and people treat me like I’m crazy. You dont pass on second down at the 2 or 3 yard line when you have fucking mar shawn lynch! I’ll tell you this…I’m done watching the nfl. I’ll go see local high school games if I need a football fix.

    • nicholas cabassa says:

      Saints should have run it. If they had, they’d be in the super bowl. Basic coaching 101.


    ?You got the right to put your treasonous Confederate flag up I have the right to take a knee USA USA

  5. Don Budha says:

    Roywood Jr. Is hilarious?

  6. Asa Coe says:

    The 2016 election, Beep, watch the replay. The popular vote should have won.

    • Asa Coe says:

      Okay everyone, let’s remember one thing.

      Debating a trump cultist, is like playing chess with a chicken. No matter how right you are, even with the rule book in front of you. The chicken will, shit all over the board, knock over all the pieces, and strut around like it has won.

    • M G says:

      That’s not how America works, retard

    • MackMainSupreme's Down Souf Muzik says:

      The popular vote doesn’t matter, the Electoral College decides who wins.

    • GDI says:

      The popular vote should be the only thing that matters. Gotta stop letting rich people decide who gets to be president

    • Domus deBellum says:

      thats not how our elections work.

  7. Star Cherry says:

    More outrage over this than the election results

  8. Mohamed Ahmed Dahir says:

    Roy gets 20% raise and so does the ref ?that was hilarious ?

  9. Jack Crassus says:

    *Fire Roger Goodell* ?

  10. Abdessamad O. says:

    That replay thing is in black mirror

  11. Dreyomi says:

    I don’t even know what happened…and I’m also pissed ???

  12. Syk says:

    That 20% thing… epic! Love multiple layers in jokes.

  13. Esmeralda Claros says:

    Hahaha “this is tied with Hurricane Katrina” ?

  14. EDDY says:

    Emotional trauma, loss of enjoyment of life, elevated blood pressure, lowered sperm count, suicidal thoughts, irregular bowel movements, dry mouth,

  15. El hermanos says:

    If that would have happened to the patriots they would have replayed the whole game

  16. Quinn Farris says:

    I wish everyone who reads this a great day <3

  17. DarkSchneider says:

    To Protesting Saints Fans: Where were ur billboards + signatures when the whole country got robbed in 2016!?

  18. Brandon Davidson says:

    “Oh, you heard that grand-daddy died? Well, let’s have a parade!” New Orleans does it right.

  19. TheDisneyLover58 says:

    I’m living New Orleans…. yeah they are beyond pissed.

  20. Regulus Ark says:

    So I can sue people for “loss of enjoyment”? And “emotional trauma”?

    *calling a lawyer*

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