Disclosure – Magnets ft. Lorde

Disclosure – Magnets ft. Lorde

‘Caracal’ the new album is out now http://po.st/unqZXb | iTunes:http://po.st/Caracal3 | Amazon:http://po.st/Caracal10 | Spotify: http://po.st/CaracalSP | Apple Music: http://po.st/CaracalAM3 |

‘Jaded’ is the next single to be taken from the new album ‘Caracal’ and is available now at iTunes:http://po.st/Jaded3 | Stream on Spotify: http://po.st/JadedSpotify1 or Apple Music: http://po.st/JadedAM3

Visit the official store for t-shirts, hats and more merch: http://po.st/4iqh1L



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20 Responses

  1. harry potter says:

    Is that a daddy ripping off the shit outta Lorde’s dress???

  2. Scarlett Guajardo says:

    OMFG!! Loooved it ?? Lorde’s darkest side is The best one ??

  3. Souflikar says:

    2:11 – 3:10 omg.

  4. Denis Silva says:

    Lorde é incrivelmente talentosa

  5. Aethereal Blood says:

    I’ve been listening to this on repeat for 4 hours now, i am literally not
    kidding, this is too much please save me

  6. Dan Ritchie says:

    lord have mercy

  7. Annie Beth (anniebananie817) says:

    I feel like in every music video now the singer goes and kills someone. Why
    don’t ya just talk it over some coffee?

  8. Kentiapalme says:

    wow, is she into 20years older guys now? weirdo alert…

  9. GEORGINA CEN says:

    ella es tan perfecta love you lorde ♥

  10. Narcase says:

    Lorde actually looks kinda hot here.

  11. Olá Polly says:


  12. RowFer Blaine says:

    Lorde got sexy, damn.

  13. NaNá CFC says:

    esse clipe lembra mt um outro que na época foi acusado de cópia de outro…
    mas eu não lembro o nome…. neles, a cantora tbm estava cantando durante
    os beijos do amante, a esposa sabia, tinha a cena da caneca….

  14. Leonardo Rojo says:

    Lorde is the future!

  15. Luis Gonzales says:

    Woooowwww!!!! Im soooo fucking impressed!!! <3 such an amazing music video!

  16. Isaac Moreno mendoza says:


  17. alexis romero says:


  18. Salem Bin Tuwalah says:

    I never thought she’s sexy but God dame she is in this video ?

  19. Brian Gomez says:

    YAS lorde ?

  20. Liam Sanz says:

    Just heard this amazing song, I’ll be back when it becomes popular