Disclosure – Magnets (Live on SNL) ft. Lorde

Disclosure – Magnets (Live on SNL) ft. Lorde

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20 Responses

  1. Rafa Bep says:

    Yeah, yeah, Lorde sings great here. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE LIVE DRUMS? Im just

  2. Lord Dew says:

    Lorde on ‘SNL’ Performance: ‘I Have Never, Will Never’ Lip Sync
    Based on a tweet from Lorde, some viewers were apparently so impressed by
    her vocals in her SNL performance with Disclosure that they questioned
    whether or not she was actually singing live. The day after the show aired,
    Lorde took took to Twitter to post: “wow – the fact that some people
    thought i was lip syncing on snl is an awesome compliment! goes without
    saying i have never/will never haha.”

  3. Bar Dia says:

    hideous performance too.

  4. Aaron Randall says:

    Lorde + Disclosure = Amazing!
    SNL Mixing and Audio Engineers = Total Crap!
    SNL should fire whoever did the live mix! Totally unbalanced. It’s like
    they forgot to check the gain levels on all of disclosures’ samples. Synths
    are way to low in the mix dude!
    Hire me.

  5. kristie737 says:

    killeddddddd it! WOO

  6. jaeho kim says:

    …..interestingly enough her dance moves remind me of several tribal dance

  7. Kimpoy Albalate says:

    Waaah! As always, Lorde killed it again ?

  8. Brooke Wu says:

    I like her dancing haha

  9. akai neko says:

    This performance is SO good some people think it’s not live haha.
    Disclosure and Lorde, both are pretty idealistic about the way they perform

  10. thumbsupworthy says:

    I love that the backup singers have drums too. They all look like they’re
    having so much fun

  11. Pedro Bakiezc says:

    So she was so good that you guy thought that she was lip syncing? Hahah

  12. cindymariex says:

    Lorde needs to put a new album out

  13. Tony Estrada says:

    This is how established artists should look and sound. Style and Sound

  14. Gabriel Waress says:

    We can see the French flag colors at the beginning…

  15. Rohit Gupta says:

    So much better than the studio version?

  16. TripleB Beautiful says:

    slay ?

  17. CHANNEL ONE says:

    am i seeing some video filter synchronizing with the rhythm or is it the
    frequency of the stage lights interacting with the frame rate?

  18. burnforce says:

    Randy Marsh must be excited to be working with Disclosure now!

  19. Cool Thing says:

    When Lorde wears less makeup she is GORGEOUS! She really needs to show of
    her natural beauty or at least wear a little less makeup

  20. cece3cece says:

    I guess this is as instrumental as Disclosure can get.