DIY Gallium Fidget Spinner – 3 Million Special

DIY Gallium Fidget Spinner – 3 Million Special

Make a Gallium Fidget Spinner from Liquid metal. To celebrate reaching 3,000,000 subscribers I used a plasticine mold to cast a home made fidget spinner toy. See more Gallium here:

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Gallium melts at about 30°C which is approx 86°F. It leaves a grey residue on your hands which washes off with warm soapy water.

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20 Responses

  1. DaveHax says:

    3,000,000 Subscribers! Thank you so much! We passed the 3M mile stone early on Sun morning after suddenly gaining lots more subscribers from my Gallium Fidget Spinner video. Thanks for your support. More videos coming soon. If you want to see more Gallium videos, see here:

  2. N.X. GAMERS says:

    hello Dave

  3. TheGlitchLuck Roblox & More says:


  4. BlinkJinx says:

    Another Youtube trend that will be forgotten like the 1000 degree knife

  5. P Does Stuff says:

    Congrats on reaching 3 million!

  6. Igot Finz says:

    Why would you make a stupid fidget spinner… you’re just milking the gallium fidget spinner thing.. for 3 million subs you should have done a face reveal or a really cool project that you haven’t done before, also congrats for 3,000,000 subs

  7. KHRN Star says:

    Make a Gallium ‘ Covfefe….

  8. Rhodri Williams says:

    Can you show me how to get 3 million subs first?

  9. Copter The Master says:

    please just stop

  10. simplecraft says:

    Congrats hit my first 10 subs today ^^

  11. Sebastian Alvarado says:

    this has gone too far

    just STOP with this trend!

  12. NobleDestroyer Vevo says:

    Dave, you’re really milking this fad it’s getting boring

  13. Ricardo Gabriel Clement says:

    3 and 6 zeros mmmm……… illuminati confirmed?

  14. Febreze Air Freshener says:

    its so amazing to seee this channel growing cause i been here since 500k

  15. fone bone bendys fanboy says:

    stop making fidget spinners

  16. Avalon2814 says:

    Das ist assi countent da sind sogar Szenen aus alten Videos drin!!!!

  17. HarrierRBLX says:

    Wow #6 on Trending in the USA

  18. TheEnderLord says:

    I was wandering if you can make a DIY Gallium Hand

  19. BlackStar TV says:

    интересно где можно найти этот галий?

  20. AuSurfer says:

    1/3 of ur subscribers are autistic

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