DIY Halloween PIN-O-THON – Man Vs Pin #101

DIY Halloween PIN-O-THON – Man Vs Pin #101

Trigger Warning: SPOOPYNESS
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19 Responses

  1. Emily Catri says:

    560 Likes or you will get stalked tonight by Clowns!?

  2. Jenna Leigh says:

    Can you try the m&m stuffed piñata cookies?? Looks like bullshit to me

  3. angelina nguyen says:

    I wonder how much blood rob loses a month..

  4. Monkacornoo! says:

    I don’t know too much about picture stuff but, isn’t there a way to take a
    panoramic photo on an iPhone or something?

  5. Elisha says:

    I fell out of my bed when the balloon popped??

  6. Ethan Swearengin says:

    Spooky Jell-O shots please

  7. Shyreen Prakash says:

    Who else was expecting him to make the hand a middle finger?

  8. Planet Planet says:

    Who else got scared when the balloon popped

  9. Grumpy Noceros says:

    Oh my… You could have done that easily on MS Paint..

  10. James Marshall says:

    I can never tell if the injuries are real?

  11. FlameDragon13 says:

    he should have used the pano thing on his phone for the head in a jar

  12. Pinky says:

    I was waiting for the moment when Rob cut his hand

  13. Christina Lowry says:

    Being someone who uses photoshop regularly this video pisses me off

  14. CutieDevilX3 says:

    Who else took off their headphones the second he started blowing up the

  15. FlipperDoesGames says:

    the balloon blowing up scared the shit of me

  16. Malcom0704 K. says:

    1:50 it scared Rob so bad when it popped lol

  17. KKgirl 1855 says:


  18. Silvia Munoz says:

    For the tape thing, you’re supposed to do two layers of tape, sticky side
    up. Then two layers sticky side down. that way it it isn’t sticky inside or
    out, and will be alot sturdier. I did it in my art class in highschool, we
    made a whole human body with just tape ^-^

  19. Bahaar Esfahani says:

    Somebody please make a 30 minute loop of the balloon popping in Rob’s face.