DIY Mermaid Blanket, Corinne VS Pin #25

DIY Mermaid Blanket, Corinne VS Pin #25

A tail as old as time.

Crochet Mermaid Tail Tutorial:

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Music By: Kevin Macleod and Found at

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19 Responses

  1. Santos Hernandez says:

    Death ball in the sky

  2. Ariel Barry Serame says:

    The heck rob

  3. Pandax says:

    Do fruit sushioo

  4. BiPieMaidBaker says:

    I fucking love this show, Corinne and Rob are bloody awesome. Xxx

  5. rhdreams says:

    ?? that blanket you cut in half is going to completely unravel. You can’t
    cut crochet or knitting in half. Good idea tho.

  6. Jessica Gonzalez says:

    I like your video

  7. Riley Roo says:

    This is super cool

  8. Hemzy says:

    yaayyy!!!!! they did it!?!!

  9. Abigail Grillo says:

    “holy ships!!!”
    quoted from mermaids.

  10. Gaming Cat says:

    Everyone has its own will

  11. Kayla White says:

    I’m so making this!!!!!

  12. Jennifer Steene says:


  13. Allegiance Questioners says:

    Finally a pin that involves ThreadBanger talents!!! <3

  14. Unicornlover13611 _ says:

    Make a confetti bowl

  15. Lexi Gymnastics says:

    When is Corrine going to announce her winners for the Amazon thing

  16. Grandmas House says:

    Gma forgives you❣ You saved the hours of love from disappearing forever and
    for that I thank you. ???⭐️

  17. Gargee Jamadagni says:

    Rob at the end tho

  18. Kayla & Ciara says:

    Can u do a man vs Corinne vs pin…can u guys to temporary tattoos pleaseee

  19. goodnighthelana says:

    my YouTube app crashed after the pun Rob made