DIY Spiky Gallium Fidget Spinner – Sunshine!

DIY Spiky Gallium Fidget Spinner – Sunshine!

Make a Spiky Gallium Fidget Spinner. Using Gallium liquid metal and a plasticine mold I cast a home made spiky fidget spinner toy. See more Gallium here:

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Gallium melts at about 30°C which is approx 86°F. It leaves a grey residue on your hands which washes off with warm soapy water.

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20 Responses

  1. DaveHax says:

    Here’s another fun Gallium Fidget Spinner! If you want to see more Gallium videos, see here:

  2. Chase Breecker says:

    guess he didnt have anymore galium blocks left from “a previous video”

  3. Victoria Hughes says:

    is it possible to use food colouring to change the colour of gallium?

  4. ArceusGaming3 GD says:

    Make a penis gallium fidget spinner next

  5. redpossible says:

    pretty cool, *huh*

  6. Crappy Crap says:

    Idk why i got too addicted watching DaveHax for a reason.

  7. Ch Plays says:

    Look I Know Some Of Us Is Annoyed By Fidget Spinners But, He does all He can to make us happy. C’mon Guys 😕

  8. Keyy says:

    *pretty cool huh?*

    ima earrape this in csgo

  9. Whitefright says:

    You used to be unique, now you’re following trends. I’ll check back in a few months… maybe… goodbye

  10. XxMaybelAndPaigexX says:

    Okay, Dave I’m sorry but, it just that these videos are so repetitive. please, just give us a break from fidget spinner and gallium videos for a bit. If your next video has the words “fidget spinner” or “gallium,” then mark my words, I will unsubscribe from you. Who’s with me! No more gallium fidget spinners!

  11. Sup Guy says:

    Am I the only one getting peppa pig vibes

  12. kawaii bear says:

    You should do a money sign fidget

  13. Matt FC says:

    Yep, cause everyone has gallium…

  14. Adit Wibowo says:

    This is the new glowing 1000 degree hot knife trend..

  15. JAY THEOGGOAT says:

    Sub for me and write done so I can sub back

  16. abathur the evolution master says:

    is youtube sick woth autism or something else?

  17. Kitty G says:

    Why do you sound like a less distinct Quirkology

  18. TheElectroSheep 49 says:

    make a square gallium figit spinner

  19. Trisha Mae says:

    dave:”pretty cool huh?”
    me:haaah!Never gets old😊

  20. Cen Sored says:

    We can do this with any fidget spinner so just make 1 video and stfu

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