DIY Watermelon Hacks – Hack Job #8

DIY Watermelon Hacks – Hack Job #8

Everything is a lie.
There’s no such thing as a Seedless Watermelon!

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19 Responses

  1. Piper Bernard says:

    Try henna

  2. cara waterman says:

    try to make gem stone soap

  3. Juan Pacheco says:

    dicks out for who

  4. La vie de Thery says:

    You Hit 3 Million Congrats And Im Realy Fucking Glad To Be A Fucking
    Subsciber :)

  5. Jaz Cat says:

    This was useful in the funniest way

  6. Emma Shelley says:

    It’s funny how he said summer is here, I start school tomorrow.

  7. Alex Atan says:

    the last watermelon didn’t have seeds :D

  8. Melissa A says:


  9. karla acosta says:

    i don’t understand why fuck and fucking is censored but bitch isnt?

  10. Maxie_Max ! says:

    Kitty is #1

  11. holden Joseph says:

    you use flavored liquor

  12. HANNAH FRALICK says:

    Seedless: no black seeds

  13. Lauren Espe says:

    Uh, rob, it’s because the watermelon is ripening more, so seeds are

  14. Amy Lee says:

    “SUMMER TIME IS HERE!!!” so you just realized it was summer two months into
    summer? Lol

  15. PopRocksV says:


    flipping off Dan and Phil. lol

  16. Kaytlyn and Claire says:

    Leave it to rob to burn himself with WATERMELON

  17. Destiny Smith says:

    who else thought that right when u saw the those carving tools u said aww
    hell naw not again

  18. Kara Betts says:

    you should make fairy floss pls

  19. Piper Ryan says: