DJ Khaled – Nas Album Done ft. Nas

DJ Khaled – Nas Album Done ft. Nas

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19 Responses

  1. Pho DF says:

    Why is his neck not tired after wearing so many heavy chains?

  2. 25 Subscribers Without A Video? says:

    people laugh at Khaled but he say dropping fire music ???

  3. SUCCESS MOTIVATION: Health Wealth Love Happiness says:

    If you are watching this video, you are a beautiful person and have an
    amazing day ???

  4. Samuel Gonzalez says:

    A great commercial, promotion for Nas’s album, Bevel, Ciroc and Hstry
    clothing brand.

  5. DOOM says:

    Nas is 42 years old, the dude look 25

  6. Lyfeless Vin says:

    songs begin at 3:15 btw, so u wont waste 3 mins of ur life waiting

  7. ImDerrpy says:

    Best song off the album

  8. BLVCK LORD says:


  9. Ivan Angelov says:

    I’m sure something in this video will become a meme!

  10. Dra Deckard says:

    One of the best songs on the album. Khaled trips me out on how he starts
    his videos. Its entertaining & I enjoy all of them. I don’t understand why
    some people don’t like him. He just want to be successful but he wants that
    for others as well.

  11. Vicblob97 says:

    i feel bad for the horse 5:48

  12. da kid says:

    nas… one of the greats in this rap shit

  13. EyeDesignzByMari says:

    Nas…? period…the end. If you haven’t gotten the cd…get it. #10 is a
    hot one too!

  14. Head bandzzz says:

    the G.O.A.T is back

  15. xavier ledesma says:

    nas had the best track

  16. nas george says:

    Lmaoo Khaled swears he’s Jamaican

  17. Maja Cho says:

    woooooohhhhhh “We get government aid, spend it at they stores; putting
    their kids through college. We need balance, so we can lease and own deeds
    in our projects.”

  18. Seymour Butts says:

    Nas’ flow, delivery, lyrical content is just another level. This is why he
    is the better MC opposed to Jay-Z.

  19. The Global Misfit says:

    Impressive! 3 major keys!
    1. Khaled has Nas and Jay-Z on singles from the same album (never before
    2. Khaled’s singles are club and radio ready but have positive messages
    3. Khaled reunited Nas with Ox on video (first time since Belly)