DO IT FOR MOM (Do it for Denmark 2) | Spies Rejser

DO IT FOR MOM (Do it for Denmark 2) | Spies Rejser

Spies Travel is joining forces with wannabe grandmas in the fight against Denmark’s low birth rate. Introducing Spies Parent Purchase™: Send your child on an active holiday and get a grandchild.

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Spies Rejser går nu sammen med potentielle bedstemødre i kampen mod Danmarks lave fødselsrate. Derfor introducerer vi nu Spies Forældrekøb™: Send dit barn på en aktiv ferie og få et barnebarn.
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Last year we at Spies Travels launched the ‘Do it for Denmark’-campaign in order to address the historical low birth rates in Denmark. It turned out quite successful, we made the Danes travel more, have more sex and reproduce for their country. Vitus, the baby conceived by the competition-winners was born in January this year. However the Danish welfare system is still under pressure. The birth rate is still too low despite a little progress after last year’s effort. And this affects us all, but those who suffer the most are perhaps those mothers that will never experience having grandchildren. That’s why we are joining forces with elderly women of Denmark who have become grandma-broody. We have a common goal: More babies.

This year we are prescribing active holidays, because studies have proved that couples that sweat together have more sex. This combined with the fact that you have 51% more sex on a sunny holiday will lead to more sex and therefore more babies aka. grandchildren. In order to give potential grandmothers a strong tool, we have developed the Spies Parent Purchase™ product (Spies Forældrekøb™), where they can prepay active holidays for their children and in-laws in order to make the magic happen. To show that we’re in this together, we’ll throw in some discounts as well.

This year the Danes will conceive not only for their country but also for their moms. We think that will do the trick.

Link to the danish travel agency Spies:

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20 Responses

  1. sev X one says:

    Hey Denmark, if you need some babies I’ll be happy to help out, just sayin

  2. Logan Lance says:

    Lol just get Turkey in Europe. Decreasing population problem => solved.
    Racist nationalist european problem => solved.
    And you save a country who struggles in between west and east, from the
    horrible horrors of middle east influence.
    And they wont just save Danish people from extinction , it will be good for
    all of europe.

  3. chessplayer says:

    Here comes “save the white race” people.

  4. Anti Apple says:

    I am Spanish and I am willing to have sex with Danish girls. But remember,
    I will not spend any child support. Remember that.

  5. banijanac says:

    Danish girls I’m inviting you to visit my beautiful country Croatia and
    even offering you a free accommodation on the coast next summer. And then
    we can get on to a business :)

  6. krobi94 says:

    People not having kids is a good thing. The planet is very overpopulated.

  7. John Smith says:

    Sure is a lot of white people in this video. Where is the strategically
    placed diversity? Hmm.

  8. Niclas A says:

    To anyone interested in supporting the cause, there’s a fully functional
    danish male here.

  9. Der Aero says:

    How about changing politics on migration? but thatd be too easy… (doesnt
    sold mom problems though)

  10. Tío says:

    of course they don’t have sex, danish girls look like caveman

  11. stupidchannelnamegooglewants says:

    I’m chronically ill and downvoted this commercial.

  12. darkmaster539 says:

    People are looking at this from a national point of view. People don’t
    think that way. If you don’t want a child then you don’t want one. Few
    people consider (or care) that their population has bad demographics.

  13. Martin Caidin says:

    so Denmark is encouraging young people to take their disposable income and
    spend it in Spain. brilliant.

  14. Rossana Motta says:

    With 8 Billion people in the world, most of whom live in utter misery and
    don’t even have enough resources to eat sufficiently, this is beyond
    retarded. If anything, the world has an overpopulation problem. If Denmark
    is so hungry for people, just let in more immigrants from the middle east
    or africa, there is plenty of supply for those, and they typically breed
    like rabbits

  15. overTIMe says:

    I volunteer as a tribute!
    … dammit, I’m not a dane :(

  16. Israel P Roman says:

    Fertility is low worldwide, well some countries more than others, can’t
    expect much with world issues etc vs the people that don’t want to have
    children or even marriage and I put myself on that list.

  17. KillingerDOOM says:

    Babies are not necessary for survival in the same way food water and
    shelter is. More babies = less jobs = more unemployment = more poverty.

    Think hard about your actions folks, as they affect more than just

  18. Dizeliun says:

    The reason due to population decline is purely due to women having control
    of the court system, why would us men want to have children when those same
    children will be used as pawns against us in court if and when the
    relationship falters to extract our resources at the same time they would
    strip our children from us? Now the governments want to try and keep
    population growth high due to their unstable collapsing economic jenga
    tower. Get fucking real.

  19. no more trolling says:

    European leaders have literally gone nuts!
    Lowest birth rate in the world + load of immigrants from the 3rd world =
    the end of Denmark.

    At least this ad encourages Danes to go to the beach and have European kids.

    P.S. for Danish girls: my sperm is available, but I’m an ugly troll.

  20. WhiteTiGG3R says:

    Send your daughters to Macedonia, they will come back with babies and
    husbands 😛 hehe