Doctor Who NEW Christmas Special 2014 on BBC America

“It’s Christmas, the North Pole. Who you gonna call?”

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20 Responses

  1. Daniel Keys Moran says:

    I suspect this whole season of Doctor Who suffered a bit from the letdown
    of having just gone past the 50th anniversary — a lot of big stuff
    happened that wasn’t going to happen again any time soon. And, frankly, a
    couple early episodes were weak, this season. But it picked up toward the
    end — five of the last six episodes ran good-to-very-good — and the
    Christmas Special, at first glance, looks encouraging.

  2. Mary Goglia says:

    What date and time will this be shown?

  3. Apidooom says:

    Yup it’s Ice Warriors. Definitely definitel-OH MY GOD

  4. Tommy Shin says:

    Santa Claus is a time lord lol. How crazy would that be as a plot. His bag
    is bigger on the inside. Favors tons of companions to help him in his
    ongoing mission to help children with gifts of joy. Is always hidden yet
    known to everyone. Evades time and travels in one night on a flying sled
    and hits every corner of the world via time and space.

    Perhaps the Grinch is the master (Hatching and reborn from a pod)? Wanting
    to ruin the children of the earth for selfish attention. IDK but sure
    sounds like something in the making. Perhaps The Doctor will be Father
    Christmas for 2014.

    (p’-‘)P meow POW POW Timey Whimey thingy!!!

  5. Elijah Kraling says:

    Looks like teraleptiles 

  6. Chad Rowin says:

    You have to remember the whole point of this season was for the Doctor to
    discover what kind of man he was. Remember before this he was the man that
    tries to forget and before that the man that regretted. He finally defined
    himself as not the hero, not the warrior, not the leader. He’s an idiot,
    who stole a blue box, and tries to help people.

  7. Slenderanimal Aj says:


  8. Omnifas says:

    Was one of the elves Simon pegg?

  9. Francisco Collado says:


  10. Chantit Simma says:

    I’m really hoping that some of those new faces are also new companions!

  11. Anna Schah says:

    Не есть, когда будете смотреть) Тизер специального рождественского эпизода
    сериала “Доктор Кто”.

  12. Cordelia Mcbride says:

    Hasn’t Nick Frost already been in a Doctor Who episode?

  13. Carl-Fredrik L says:

    was that Amy at the start? Nah, I must be wrong since no one else here have
    said anything. And she looks too short to be an Amy (0:01) :D

  14. alexf02071999 says:

    Ice Warriors or fat xenomorphs?
    I’m going with fat xenomorphs.

  15. Lengleth KG says:

    Is Clara on the 0:12 min? Just on the right side of the Doctor? (Sorry for
    my bad english)

  16. wyrm rushton says:

    santa knocked four times


  17. Sjarifuddin Hamid says:

    please let it be the darkest and scariest ep this season. I love the scary
    and tense tone on “Deep Breath”, it fits Capaldi Doctor perfectly. Please
    just bring it back.

  18. Darth TARDIS. says:

    So has Clara left, or will she be back?

  19. Darth TARDIS. says:

    This looks like the “dark, more mature change” Moffat promised might have
    finally arrived.

  20. DaveinTokiyo says:

    It looks like Simon Pegg as the Elf on the right of Nick Frost…
    Say it is so…