Doctor Who: Series 11 Trailer #2

Doctor Who: Series 11 Trailer #2

The official trailer is here! “I’m the Doctor, when people need help, I never refuse.” #DoctorWho Subscribe to Doctor Who for more exclusive videos:

The Thirteenth Doctor:
Title Sequences:

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82 Responses

  1. Doctor Who says:

    Don’t forget to… watch to the end! 💙💙

  2. E_Dub Rage says:

    Wow! Just…WOW! That was an exciting trailer and hearing her say…”I’m the Doctor…”, sealed it for me. Cannot wait for Oct 7th!

  3. Héloïse Capaldwi says:

    it’s very weird to watch a trailer without Murray Gold’s music…. 🙁

    but still. this is AWESOME I’M SO EXCITED SHKKSKSK

    • Martin Espino says:

      Yeah and he has been replaced with someone who is just as capable of composing great music

    • DoctorVision says:

      Yes I don’t live in a cave you know. I was talking retrospectively about the trailers up to the point of Series 10.

    • AD8 says:

      It’s an absolute shame

    • Martin Espino says:

      I believe Series 6-10 did not use Murray Gold’s music, they used third-party. So I don’t know where this nostalgia for Murray Gold’s music in the series trailer is coming from.

    • DoctorVision says:

      Yeah there was a variety of artists used, Two Steps From Hell being the most famous example. It was only Series 1-4 that used his music – Series 1-3 using the theme tune and Series 3 and 4 using All the Strange, Strange Creatures. Unless of course you count the coming soon trailers broadcast after the Christmas specials, they’re the only example of Murray’s incidental music being used beyond Series 4-5.

  4. the whovian with a small collection says:

    OK now i say the only good trailer for series 11 just change the music and id actualy say its amazing

  5. Shakeela-Milkshake says:

    *Capaldi is the only man to perfect the art of ‘Don’t forget to-‘ part.*

  6. Jolanos says:

    Not too crazy about the pop song, but the show itself looks really great!

  7. Jonathan Stern says:

    Music aside, good trailer. I could have used more humor, which I know Jodie is capable of, but otherwise, it’s solid. She feels like The Doctor to me.

    • 1greatfinker ofRtimes says:

      Life Upgrade – certainly does

    • Desperate Mohammedan the World's Strongest Arab says:

      “pop music, it doesn’t go with SCI FI!” Guardian of the Galaxy 1 & 2 immediately come to mind. Probably loads more including many “Classic” era Doctor Who stories.

    • Jonathan Stern says:

      Desperate Mohammedan the World’s Strongest Arab true, but this song doesn’t work. Also, I remember at one point Doctor Who played Toxic by Britney Spears.

    • 1greatfinker ofRtimes says:

      Jonathon Stern – So a female Doctor works but pop music doesn’t ? I see where u draw the line .

    • Kyle Shultz says:

      I think they’re trying to de-emphasize the comedic elements in the marketing, for some stupid reason, but I’m confident this element won’t be lacking in the actual episodes.

  8. OrangeKyle91 says:

    What the heck is this trailer!? This doesn’t feel like Doctor Who at all! I’ve got no problem with Jodie Whittaker, it’s Chris Chibnall that has me worried. His DW track record and this trailer have done nothing to make me think he’ll do a good job with this show. I realize he’s had success with other genres, but space fantasy is something else entirely, and I don’t think he fully grasps that.

    • WILLJEUM says:

      couldnt agree mre, who the hell chose chris chibnall anyway? Hopefully they fire him after season 11 inevitably bombs rather than blaming the show or worse yet the fans. If they pull a star wars like their so close to doing then im done with this shit for good.

    • Desperate Mohammedan the World's Strongest Arab says:

      @ WILLJEUM – Agree 100%. I’ve an ominous feeling over the next 3 years or so we’re going to watch this once great show die. And of course it’ll be the fault of us fans, not a useless show runner.

    • nerd Jens says:

      Chris is going to drive Dr Who to the ground, I would pass watching this if I were u

    • yolo2546 says:

      Especially with his new plan to Re-vamp the series with more simple straight-forward storyline in order to reach the younger years. Sure that may be good at first that means no more heaven sent episodes or episodes like blink

    • yolo2546 says:

      Public opinion can bring about a lot of change you know, whether its this season or the next.

  9. John Haslam says:

    Murray Gold please come back

  10. HardLine says:

    What a waste of bbc orchestra members effort by inserting pop music instead of orchestral

  11. Arthur Wacker says:

    *Hears The Song Beats Starting At **0:18*
    Oh No…….. Not This Again.

  12. BlueScarabGuy says:

    People complaining about “It’s About Time”…guys. It’s clever. It’s a triple entendre. It’s about the Doctor being a woman, yes, but it’s ALSO a joke about how long the wait for this season has been, AND a statement about the whole of Doctor Who (“it’s about time…travel”).

    If the Doctor was still a dude this season, “it’s about time” would STILL be clever, this is just an added layer.

  13. Izlemder says:

    The music is still awful.

    But the trailer is awesome. I’m freaking anxious for the new series!

  14. LOADING says:

    Something doesn’t quite feel right with this doctor who season.

    • nerd Jens says:

      Nothing feels right it

    • Gaynor says:

      +InsideJobber JWSherry Actually, it’s unusual for Time Lords to change gender. Look at what the General says in Hell Bent, after becoming a woman…for the ninth time in 10 regenerations!

    • roguexxrenegade says:

      dreamcoyote So you’re calling the fans of the show misogynists for treasuring the traditional format of it? Do you not see it as a cop-out to overwrite male characters as females instead of creating new, badass female characters that weren’t based on the actions and personalities of men?

      The show was never confined to anything. The fact that the Doctor is a man doesn’t mean it’s misogynist.

      “Patriarchal main characters”? Really? You’re gonna demonize the Doctor for being a man? Someone’s a hungry hungry hypocrite.

      No, I’m not saying the only reason the doctor could ever be a woman is because of political agendas. However, in this case *IT WAS PURELY BASED ON A POLITICAL AGENDA*. Chris Chibnall, ya know, the show runner said he decided the Doctor was going to be a woman from the start. He didn’t bother auditioning men. He decided that what you have between your legs is more important than acting capabilities. This is undeniable evidence that he went into this with a political agenda. To promote feminism, a highly problematic movement ever since the rise of 3rd wave western feminism.

      “Drop the dependency of standing on other men’s shoulders to prop up supposed power structures.” WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN. It’s this type of intangible, transcendental, baseless, and unprovable rhetoric that makes you sound like such jokes. This isn’t Gender Studies 101 class, this is reality. The rhetoric spoonfed to you by your gender studies professor has no meaning whatsoever when it comes to reality.

      I’m allowed to criticize a show when it drops everything to satisfy a highly controversial, widely despised movement by sacrificing the quality of its content.

      But go ahead, label everybody who disagrees with you a misogynist because that’s totally not a cop out at all.

    • roguexxrenegade says:

      dragondov Exactly!

    • YANA - You Are Not Alone says:

      Probably because we haven’t got to know this TARDIS team as a TARDIS team, so it doesn’t feel quite like Doctor Who yet.

  15. Alexandre Man says:

    There is a problem about this…

    I want it now, not in 17 days!

  16. Corentin M says:

    Stop complaining about the music! The song is not that good but I honestly prefer discovering the awesome Akinola tracks during the episode, with all the context and atmosphere

    • ejcmoorhouse says:

      The music is quite an important thing in a trailer, it sets the tone and can help build the excitement. This music doesn’t do either.

    • JamPox101 says:

      I don’t mind that it isn’t music from the series or that it’s a pop song. I just really hate that song in particular.

  17. Jun Kim says:

    I hope captain jack harkness he return right now and how surprised captain jack the doctor now new look and I believe John Barrowman done Arrowverse

  18. Torchwood Boy says:

    Anyone else see the giant spider at 00:49? That’s gonna be the end of me :'(

  19. AssetSiege says:

    Please not this music in the new series

  20. Gradual Decay says:


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