Dodge Gave Me A Free Hellcat for Science

Dodge Gave Me A Free Hellcat for Science

Dodge Gave Me A Free Hellcat for Science. We are going to be modding this hellcat to drag race in roadkill nights.


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33 Responses

  1. FixItNick says:

    If this is true I need to donate my Prius for science haha

  2. mapman24 says:

    “What is that, a camaro?”
    “Yeah something like that HAHAHA”
    i love this guy

  3. Manchild2point0 says:

    The crashing is when you hear a thud at the end of the sliding lmao

  4. Grizzly Sin Gaming says:

    Westen -” you sure we can modify it ANY way we want?”
    Dodge- “sure bro”
    *shows up with a Cummins swapped hellcat*

  5. Staxx A Fool says:

    What if he’s been driving with the valet key the entire time 😂

    • Kiid Edgar says:

      He running on eco mode

    • Julian 7160 says:

      Yeah I thought maybe hes missing the red key as well

    • DaDream06 Aka King Gelato says:

      He’s definitely not using the right key lol…

    • Jc jc says:

      I didn’t watch whole video. He said it was in eco mode at the shop. That’s same function as black key 500hp on a normal hellcat. Not sure about red eye. . Could it be in shipping mode? Not sure if a vehicle can start and run in shipping mode. Valet mode is a pin operated option at least on 16s and limits more than black key. I should have watched full video first. No idea what the issue is was. I honestly can’t recall if black overrides red or red overrides black. But one overrides the other if both fobs present.

    • jackson clark says:

      @Jc jc red overrides the black key if it’s present

  6. FireBuff Andrew BFD says:

    6:11 “You couldn’t kindnap too many Westens in this car” 😂😂

  7. Coy Lewis says:

    When I got my first Hellcat, the red key fob was defective and I was driving on the black key. The black key only gives you 485 horsepower. Check your red key fob first. That could be the issue.

    • Damian Lorow says:

      Well if it was in eco mode it would release boost pressure in order to run on less power and get better gas mileage i bet itll probably be fine if he switches modes

  8. Evan Johnson says:

    “Alright let’s if it does burnouts!”
    Me- I feel like that’s a rhetorical question Weston… but please continue

  9. Judahs Garage says:

    12 valve swap it and show up to the event🤣🤣🤣

  10. Tiktok-1SAD_B0Y says:

    “we’re crashing “
    “No no where not we’re sliding”

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