Dodgers vs. Padres Game Highlights (4/16/21) | MLB Highlights

Dodgers vs. Padres Game Highlights (4/16/21) | MLB Highlights

Dodgers vs. Padres full game highlights from 4/16/21

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55 Responses

  1. Evan Shea says:

    The editors staying up for these are GOATS

  2. Etheriance says:

    Game of the year for sure. Gotta love baseball, this sport is wild! ⚾️

  3. Yoggy Here says:

    As a dodgers fan gotta say i was at the edge of my seat, and wow this was fun and intense. Love and hate the padres. 🤣

  4. Darrell Jackson says:

    Several Dodgers players including Dennis Santana and Corey Seager came through in the clutch. Luke Tablet hits his first home run in the big leagues.

  5. JackGeezy says:

    Dodgers should be 14-0 right now, they gave those 2 games away. This team in unreal.

  6. El SICARIO63 says:

    Need a playoff series of games like this for sure!

    • Almighty Duckie says:

      We got one last year and the dodgers took it lol

    • John-Michael Delton White says:

      @Dankiess 619 You forgot the Padres have never won a WS in a 162 game season, and haven’t made the playoffs in a 162 game season since 2006. But keep clowning, with your embarrassment of a city

    • R C says:

      @Dankiess 619 It’s promising and it’s a dam good start yet we still have allot of work do! Additionally I think JR is still playing hurt…no way he has six errors already when healthy!

    • break joey says:

      @Dankiess 619 Tf do the Padres do in a season of any length? 💀🤡

  7. J says:

    Not including Santana getting out of the jam is criminal

    • J says:

      @Doesn’t Jump to conclusions maybe.. can’t remember tbh. i know machado also did something to himself on a swing and miss late in that game if that’s what you’re thinking of

    • Haywood Jablowme says:

      They don’t like to show anything negative about tatis. Im surprised they included his throwing error

    • steven erickson says:

      Can’t show their golden boy choking

    • Sc row says:

      Padres fans are going to start pulling the “our best players weren’t 100% healthy, that’s why we lost.” Gtfoh.

  8. joshua bolton says:

    This was like watching a Western Conference Finals game lol

    • Shooting Hoops With Noah Smith says:

      I’m glad to have seen the highlights. I’m a Dodgers fan from Utah so I wasn’t able to watch the game. 😕

    • Skank Hunt42 says:

      It’s funny because I got vibes of when the Kings were winning championships and would win crazy games against rivals with lots of fighting

    • E says:

      @Shooting Hoops With Noah Smith sports if on your phone you’re going to continuously get pop ups and other pages opening,have patience close them out and keep trying the different links. Eventually you’ll get to stream. I’m from LA but cut the cable cord and that’s how I watch. Good Luck. 💙🤍

    • headbandfish says:

      @PEKBOOGIE 🤣🤣 LETS GOOOOO!!!! Back-to-back repeat!!

    • Kayla Anderson says:

      @headbandfish what’s up dude

  9. Freddie Tapia says:

    Credit to Santana for striking out Tatis on that jam. Your contribution will not go unrecognized

  10. Le Van Nguyen says:

    The Dodgers are playing like a World champion

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